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MOTHERGUNSHIP keeps it simple. One weapon on each hand, and then off you go to empty a bunch of rooms, from a bunch (and then some) of enemies. So far it's all good, but nothing special - here's the thing, though: weapons in here act as LEGO bricks; they can be combined in all sort of ways, providing the means to create small, mobile battalions. As mentioned before, MOTHERGUNSHIP keeps it simple. Is it fun, though?

The story? Alien invasion. The setting? The inside of the enemy's space armada. The goal? To blast everything that isn't you to smithereens. In fact, that's the only thing that you should care about. Yes, there is "plot" in here, but that's only to add some humour to it all - something that MOTHERGUNSHIP succeeds in doing so, with the dialogue sequences before or while on a mission being a joy to listen to.

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Of course, the name of the game is simply this: grab two weapons, and start shooting. The real fun, however, begins elsewhere. Enemies drop coins, and these coins can be spent in some conveniently-placed shops to buy new weapons or add-ons, which can then be used to craft a custom boomstick before entering the next room/arena in line; a boomstick that can go "BOOM!" in all sorts of ways, as it will be a mix of various guns, rifles, rocket launchers, and so on.

Thus it's possible to create a weapon that's actually a mix of a shotgun, a railgun, a minigun, a flamethrower, and then some, along with some add-ons that add all sorts of perks, from a higher frame-rate to a ricochet effect. Needless to say that the resulting arsenal can be pretty impressive, filling the level with all sorts of bullets and beams with the push of a button, with the only thing that one must bear in mind being the energy consumption of the crafted mega-gun-of-death.

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Forgive this heretic, though, but, no, a big gun doesn't necessarily mean that the action is great. Therefore, the real question here is whether playing MOTHERGUNSHIP is any fun. So, is it? Well, it certainly feels good to play, as the controls are flawless (still no key-mapping option, however), and the ability to double-jump, triple-jump, or even twenty... err, tuple-jump is simply awesome - not to mention that it's also super useful.

Note that this plays a lot like a bullet-hell shooter. The hero enters a room, enemies appear (many of them being big turrets) and they then start pumping out projectiles towards this battle-ready fellow. Thus the action is not only about shooting, but also about being mindful of your surroundings, in order to avoid the barrage of rockets that fly in all directions - and this is where some of the game's flaws start to emerge, with the first being that it's actually hard to see!

Screenshot for MOTHERGUNSHIP on PC

Those crazy fireworks displays tend to obscure one's view, especially when wielding weapons such as (quadruple) flamethrowers. Add to that the visual noise coming from the enemies, and things can get quite uncomfortable at times, making that precious health bar diminish in milliseconds, just because you couldn't see that you were running straight into a pit of lava, or something. Moreover, the enemies are simpletons, so gunfights can get somewhat repetitive after a while.

As far as content goes, there's the campaign, and then there's the part where most of your time will spent: the Endless mode. This is an endless (well, duh!) dungeon of room after room, which gets very challenging, very fast, but also provides the means to craft some really impressive killing machines. In the end, however, MOTHERGUNSHIP is less like a "typical" videogame," and more like a toy. It is fun to play, addictive even, but it gets old very, very fast.

Screenshot for MOTHERGUNSHIP on PC

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MOTHERGUNSHIP is tons of fun to play, but it's also that kind of FPS that doesn't really evolve the more you play. The ability to create weapon "cocktails" is simply awesome, but the action itself is way too repetitive to let that shine.


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