Suicide Guy (PC) Review

By Athanasios 05.08.2018

Review for Suicide Guy on PC

Death, and especially the one that comes from one's own hand, is not exactly a fun subject… but Suicide Guy doesn't care about that, nor does it take it at all seriously. Yes, the purpose in here is to kill yourself, but don't expect the actual process of it all to be dark, or even "comically" dark. In fact, all the self-killing will take place in the protagonist's dream, and not because he is depressed or anything, but simply because he wants to wake up on time to save his falling beer bottle - a noble purpose, personally speaking... After Fabio Ferrara's last disappointment of a release, Heaven Island Life, Cubed3 checks in to see if this project is an improvement.

The hero of this tale (why he is a hero will be made clear later on), is a 30-something, chubby slob who spends his life watching TV, eating doughnuts, and taking sips out of his beloved beer bottle. His happy, cosy existence is drawn with a lively palette, making it all look like a child-friendly cartoon... and, most of all, he has a big smile on his face that makes the goal of the game even more difficult. You, the heartless player, must help this fellow kill himself... repeatedly.

No, it's not a cruel metaphysical experiment, and no seething depression lies behind his jolly exterior. All the killing will have to be done inside his dreams, and in order to wake him up in time to catch a falling beer bottle. Sadly, and despite the unique concept, this turns out to be nothing more than a generic physics puzzles, with not much physics in it, and with puzzles that aren't something to write home about.

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The levels themselves are quite varied, but whether you will have to die by diving with a spaceship in the sun, or by using a factory saw to be cut in half, the process that will lead there is mind-numbingly conventional. This is all about pushing a button here, pulling a lever there, and then some. Sure, it gets progressively more complex, but don't expect things to get as exciting as they should. Even worse, while this would definitely benefit from a more sandbox-esque approach, it's actually a pretty restricting ride.

Wrapping up: Suicide Guy is nothing more than a generic puzzler, which doesn't take advantage of its quirky premise, and doesn't let you have fun by trying all sorts of different ways to commit suicide. It's cheap, doesn't last too long, and has a level of challenge that's great for puzzle greenhorns, but that doesn't make it any better. Furthermore, its protagonist can many times feel a bit too slow and clunky to control, decreasing the fun factor even more.

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Suicide Guy is a game where the purpose is to kill yourself, and while this could actually offer a disturbingly entertaining time, the end result is nothing but a simplistic physics puzzler of no importance.


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