Lucid (PC) Review

By Athanasios 27.08.2018

Review for Lucid on PC

Match-3 puzzlers; not exactly the most diverse and innovative in the industry, but, to be fair, they were never meant to be so. More than anything else, these basically sit at the very top of the casual games pyramid, as most people who play them do so to simply pass the time. Having said that, is there a reason to leave your favourite Match-3 puzzler for Lucid, especially when the latter is actually a PC game, rather than a smartphone app? The answer is obvious…

Lucid is so calming that it should be used in mental health hospitals. The flying-over-the-clouds perspective, echoing 'bloop' and chime SFX, Zen music, and overall dreamy feel, make it very clear that this was made to relax. The problem is that this continues with the gameplay itself, as it will rarely, if ever, try to challenge the player.

As is the case with Match-3 puzzlers, the concept is pretty simple: draw a path along a bunch of identically-coloured blocks, and wipe them out, accumulating score points in the process. The problem is that the algorithm running behind it all doesn't ever try make things a little harder for you, thus, this feels more like a toy; something that doesn't require any grey matter; something you play with, and then throw aside.

Screenshot for Lucid on PC

Lucid is also devoid of any additional, specialised blocks, apart from the titular ones, which gamers "create" by doing combos, smashing blocks of a particular colour, and which let you clear the whole level. The result is an experience that feels the same from beginning to end (despite the relatively high number of levels), as there's no real strategy involved.

In conclusion, then: a simplistic, repetitive, and mind-numbingly easy game, where getting the achievements is actually harder than beating the last level. The thing about titles like Lucid, however, is how out-of-place they feel in a PC monitor. In other words, this was meant to be played with a touchscreen, and on a mobile device - but, then again, there are far better alternatives.

Screenshot for Lucid on PC

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Lucid is one of the most... mediocre, and forgettable Match-3 games ever, which really does say so much about it, as the vast majority of Match-3 puzzlers are already quite mediocre, and forgettable.









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