Senran Kagura Reflexions (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Drew Hurley 02.10.2018

Review for Senran Kagura Reflexions on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has mostly avoided those super pervy games that are out there… mostly. Of course, it was going to be the Senran Kagura series that broke that record. The Senran Kagura games have been playing with genres and styles since their boom in popularity, delivering some fun musou titles, side-scrolling battlers, and even rhythm-based cooking affairs! Now, with Senran Kagura Reflexions, it's bringing its own unique brand of eroticism to Switch with a massage simulation title.

It's important to know exactly what to expect here. This is just the equivalent of the pervy mini-games that would be found in a regular Senran Kagura title. Upon starting, the menu gives only a few options: Reflexology, Diorama, and Mini Reflexology. The reflexology makes up the core and plays through a number of different scenarios. It starts with a little mini-game, massaging Asuka's hand in a classroom, and in doing so opening up a number of different fantasies. Whether it be her dressed as an idol, acting as the senpai in a smart blouse and pencil skirt, in pyjamas, or even wrapped up like a present in a bow. Each of these fantasies has little stars beneath them of varying colours and, depending on the actions during the fantasy, these stars will be filled.

The fantasies themselves are meant to be "full body reflexology." Basically, a full body grope/massage. Each of these sections gives a pair of floating hands that can caress or grip any body part: hands, arms, belly, thighs, head, butt, back, breasts. Each body part will cause different reactions, and those reactions are punctuated by glowing lights and symbols appearing in the air. Once she has been groped enough, this special massage sequence begins. This places her in a certain suggestive pose and a series of massage tools can be used to "finish her." The colours link back to the stars on the main menu and collecting enough of them provides a piece of heart. Collecting all five pieces finishes the "game."

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There's also Diorama mode, which is the familiar mode from other entries in the series, allowing the dressing, undressing, and posing of the lady. Mini-reflexology gives a free play style of the main game. Even all combined, these just feel like the little add-ons that are tacked on to the previous outings. Speaking of "Tacked on," those few that enjoy this and have more money than sense will find plenty of new outfits and even a new character on the eShop.

The game gives a warning at the start… well, two, actually; the first is a rather serious sounding anti-piracy splash screen. More importantly, though, the second screen recommends playing with the Joy-Con detached and this is certainly the preferable way to play. To be honest, it's not exactly easy to play this in public with portable mode after all, so this shouldn't be an issue. The controls require the same sort of silliness as party games, waggling the Joy-Con to punch thighs and twist massaging wands.

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Senran Kagura games have always revelled in the fan-service, but they have weaved it into titles that are fun to play. An element of the game… Sometimes a large element… but, not the focus. Senran Kagura Reflexions feels like the extra features bundled into one of the full Senran Kagura entries. At £8.99, this feels massively overpriced, too, even for those who can see value in it. There's certainly not that much value, though, as it's basically a pervy tech demo.









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