Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Drew Hurley 07.10.2018

Review for Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on Nintendo Switch

Super Rare Games is continuing to deliver physical copies of some of the biggest indie titles on Nintendo Switch. This latest effort, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime comes from a small team of three friends from Toronto, called Asteroid Base, and has racked up award after award in the run-up to its release. In a universe filled with love, it takes working together to overcome the space invaders and bring back the love.

Flying a spaceship solo isn't possible, as it at least requires a duo, and it's pretty much the only reason Han kept Chewie around considering the moulting. Thus, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is easier by going at it with friends. The spaceship here has numerous different panels, each controlling a different aspect of the ship; one to control the thrusters that push the ship through space, a map station that displays the current stage, and a shield generator that can be rotated around the ship to block incoming projectiles and the odd asteroid. Then there are four gun turret stations: up, down, left, and right, along with a powerful cannon circling the exterior of the ship.

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That's a lot of stations and running between each, crawling up and down ladders to get to each, all the while enemies are coming in from every direction. That's why it takes more than one to run this ship. Playing solo means that the character is joined by an animal companion who can be assigned to a specific terminal on the fly. Usually, this means either assigning them to man the shields or keeping them moving between gun turrets dependant on where the enemies are coming from.

The best way to stay on top of all of the different controls is to enlist some aide and, via the Switch, four players can get together in tablet mode or on the big screen. It's great for a party game, and when players can get in sync, it all flows smoothly… or, much more likely, people will scatter, running manically between stations for fun manic play.

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The basic premise is simple enough; flying around different procedurally generated space systems, through asteroid belts, around planetoids, and between deadly obstacles, all with the aim of rescuing little rabbit people filled with love from little cages. Freeing enough of them opens up a heart-shaped wormhole that progresses on to the next level. Collecting enough of them also gives the ability to upgrade each of the terminals on the ship and even unlock different ships altogether. This is a little incentive to fully explore each stage instead of just travelling on as soon as the next portal is open.

The gameplay has an extra level of complexity, as there are gems that can be found scattered in cargo crates throughout the stages. The basic power-up crates can increase the strength of whatever they are plugged into, but special gems that alter the behaviour of a terminal. Placing a metal gem on a turret turns it into a guided missile, while placing an energy gem onto a turret turns it into a slow charging laser beam. Choosing what to put where is key to success since the game is more challenging than the art style belies. It's a cute and simplistic art style, but one done with aplomb. The whole presentation is deliciously indie, with bright and vibrant colours, along with sharp and delightful sprites.

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There are four galaxies to explore, each with four stages, and after taking on all the stages of a galaxy, a boss fight is waiting. Taking the form of the constellations the stages are based in, these huge animal sprites are classic old-school encounters. The Greek sea monster, Cetus, is a segmented snake creature where each section has to be destroyed, while a huge water planet pulls the ship into its gravitational orbit. King Cephus is a huge stomping character who locks down the area to navigate through, shrinking the area smaller and smaller. There are only four bosses, but each makes for a unique and interesting encounter.

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is another enjoyable and unique experience added for the Switch's already swollen library. It's a little short, with only four campaigns, but it's a great title to whip out with friends - sitting around the console, or on the big screen, yelling out orders to each other. Good old, couch co-op fun. Being a Super Rare Games production, this also comes with a few special little extras; the usual trading cards, and stickers. It's a nice little extra on top of the opportunity to get a physical copy of a usually digital only product.


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