World of Final Fantasy Maxima (PlayStation 4) Review

By Az Elias 15.11.2018 10

Review for World of Final Fantasy Maxima on PlayStation 4

Released a mere month before Final Fantasy XV back in 2016, World of Final Fantasy didn't deserve to be overshadowed by the mainline entry that was always going to be the more popular, hyped up, and marketed title, not least because of how long the game had been in development, and for simply having that numerical value in its name. Whatever the reasons for FFXV turning out the way it did, World of Final Fantasy's more traditional take on the series and its mesh of monster capturing gameplay lead it easily to being the better game, with plenty of charm, humour, and many a familiar face to evoke nostalgic emotions. Alongside it releasing for the first time on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Square Enix has reduced the price of the main game on PS4, whilst offering up a small DLC package known as World of Final Fantasy Maxima.

For a full review of what makes WoFF such a good game in the series, be sure to check out the PS Vita review. This article will focus on the Maxima DLC.

Keeping in mind that the Switch and Xbox One releases combine the base game with the new DLC into one package, World of Final Fantasy Maxima on PS4 is simply the DLC upgrade that can be had for £12.99. With the base game now lowered to £19.99, the total price of £32.98 is a tad cheaper than the £34.99 on the Switch - but there is a slight catch. Some of the original pre-order creature DLC for WoFF on PS4, plus the Sephiroth summon, is not included in the Maxima content. On Switch and Xbox One, however, all of this is in the package by default. Not even the separate creatures DLC on PS4, which costs another £12.99, adds those pre-order monsters in, bringing the potential total for a PS4 buyer that wants everything they can get up to £45.97.

Screenshot for World of Final Fantasy Maxima on PlayStation 4

Therefore, PS4 owners are getting the shaft here, paying more for less. This isn't major content, but it is content that other versions are getting for no extra cost nonetheless, and should be pointed out for anyone deciding which version might suit them best. Keep in mind, as well, that Maxima isn't available at all for PS Vita owners, who have no choice but to buy a different platform copy if they want to experience this upgrade.

With that out of the way, the Maxima content adds a number of extras, namely in the form of a handful of new intervention missions, boss battles, a dungeon featuring an old Final Fantasy antagonist, a New Game+ feature, Nightmare difficulty, a post-credits ending that pretty much teases a sequel, an avatar change system, and various other minor bits and pieces, such as now allowing for 12 mirages to be carried, updated archives, a treasure chest locator, plus some other QOL features.

Screenshot for World of Final Fantasy Maxima on PlayStation 4

Although the majority of this is explained to the player upon loading up the game once the package is installed, not everything is crystal clear when it comes to knowing everything that has actually been added, where items or people might be located, or how to unlock or obtain certain things. The rumour radar at Nine Wood Hills gives vague hints about some of the new features available, but it is also very discreet, so you pretty much have to hop about to almost every location in the game to see what might have been added, hopefully stumbling upon one of the new bosses, dungeons or key items. For returning players that don't want to waste time running around, it really is going to be best to have a little search for info online first, since other players have been sharing the additions they've found as they've happened upon them.

Returning players will get the most mileage out of the Maxima content, giving a reason to tackle a few quests and bosses post-game. Those new to this title may be able to put one or two other features to better use, such as the heavily advertised avatar change system. This allows main characters Reynn and Lann to transform into a famous Final Fantasy champion, restricted to a female hero for Reynn and male for Lann. The likes of Celes, Terra, Tifa, Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Lightning and many more can all be turned into – in their super cute chibi forms, of course – and each comes with special moves of their own, which may allow for some new experimentation and options to tackle certain bosses.

Screenshot for World of Final Fantasy Maxima on PlayStation 4

Three new intervention quests feel almost worthless, cameoing characters like Zack, Serah, and Cecil into the mix, where they appear in five-minute events of a couple of cut-scenes and a boss fight, but do add to the available champions that can then be transformed into. It isn't like these characters play any further role in the game, and have merely been added for nostalgia's sake. Y'shtola and Firion can be unlocked just by picking up some items in various worlds, giving them no voiced dialogue at all, so they really got the short end of the stick. Noctis can be won through an incredibly lacklustre quick time event fishing mini-game, where you just press buttons that pop up when prompted. Better get good, though, if you want him.

One thing this content really could have addressed, however, is the single save file. Why on earth a Final Fantasy title is limited to having just one file for players to use is beyond anyone. Previous game data from the PS4 or PS Vita version can be transferred over to use with the Maxima DLC, but there is no going back once that is done, and the cross-save feature then prevents you from using that old file. Unless you are okay with moving data around with a USB drive, then one save file is all you get for this, and if you want to make use of the New Game+ and the extras it brings to the table, you have to give up your previous file and everything you did to that point. Be sure to back that up before committing.

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Maxima provides a good reason for players to return to World of Final Fantasy, but only really because of its extra bosses and dungeon. The rest is really just minor nostalgia-driven content, which does fit in well given that's what the game is built around. The avatar change system is neat if only to use fan-favourite characters in battle now, and might provide some new set-ups for bosses, but don't expect much in the way of cut-scenes and major roles for the new champions. Taken as a whole, still one of the better Final Fantasy games in many years, but Maxima as an upgrade is only worth it for the title's biggest fans.


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Having not played the original, I'm getting the gist that this is worth it for those jumping in for the first time.

I am pretty excited to play; mainly due to experiencing another FF story, though this appears to be more light-hearted than their mainline FF games.

Oh for sure! WoFF is a great FF game if you enjoy the classic turn-based format. And if you like Pokemon capturing, then even better! Add plenty of chibi FF characters for nostalgia and you have a really fun game. Lots of humour, and the two main characters are actually enjoyable. Reynn is awesome.

The Maxima upgrade just adds a bunch of extras that are probably better experienced from scratch from a new game file. I think the PS4 vers comes off slightly worse too, since I think the Sephiroth summon isn't included, whereas it's in the full package on Switch and Xbox. Might be something else too, but not sure...

Highly recommended game overall tho!

Our member of the week

If only it got a physical release on Switch, I'd soooo be down for this. As it is though, I'd rather put what little money I have for game into acquiring others that DO get a physical release.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Oh haha so WWoF Maxima on PS4 is still not quite the Ultimate Edition. Is losing Sephiroth a huge blow (have you tried his summon on other platforms?) 

The game is cutesy enough that it had my interest and I do love the turn-based fighting system. That FFX, FF: Mystic Quest type of battle-system is my favourite. FF8 and FF13 was OK with the ATB system, but honestly a stop-start turn-based chess game is the perfect way to my heart! Smilie

Nah, Sephiroth when summoned performs a single physical attack that also grants Strength+ to allies, but Tifa, Lightning and Cloud all do the same thing, so not a big deal at all.

But I did a little digging, and the other missing stuff is some mirages (basically the monsters you can catch and use in battle) that were previously pre-order DLC for the original WoFF, which are included in the Switch and Xbox versions by default. Even if you buy the separate creature DLC pack on PS4, it doesn't include them. So I guess even if you did add the creature DLC cost into the base game and Maxima DLC cost, that would run up to £45.97... and yet still is missing stuff compared to Switch/Xbox.

Not a big deal unless you are a bit obsessed with having everything a game has to offer... but considering Maxima on the other consoles includes all this stuff for cheaper, it's shady on the PS4 owners that have to pay more and still don't have access to all the creatures. It's only a few of them, but something to point out. I'll have to add this into my review.

And if you owned the original game on Vita (which I did), you're outta luck because Maxima isn't available for it. You gotta buy another version of the game to play the Maxima content.

Also, Sora was a limited time downloadable summon for PS4/Vita back when Kingdom Hearts 2.8 came out, but he is since not available now. Not included in the Switch and Xbox versions either, so defo looks like a limited thing that won't return.

Should note this does use the ATB system used in the likes of FF4-9, tho includes the "wait" option to freeze time on each ally turn. I prefer to use wait in ATB systems, as I like to take my time without worrying. FFX's CTB is defo one of my faves in the series too.

Hmm that does appear to be a bit shady. Surely they wouldn't have had much trouble simply having the same offerings as the other consoles. Even not including Sora makes no sense - I mean even if it was a limited thing, he and the KH are owned by Square so it hardly makes it a licensing issue... or does it? Lol

I can be obsessed with wanting everything that a game has to offer - to an extent. For instance, I am the type who will trade in the base game for the Ultimate Edition to save having to purchase each DLC separately (provided it works out cheaper, which it almost always does. I've traded both TES: Oblivion & Skyrim in for their Complete packs, and I plan on waiting for FFXV to finish to see if they release a Complete offering), or trade in games for a Collection (traded in Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 for Complete Saga, God of War 1 + 2 on PS2 for the Collection on PS3, and more recently Kingdom Hearts for the KH 1.5, 2.5 & 2.8 versions.

But in saying that, I will only trade in for an upgrade if there is new story or single-player content, as I don't care too much about multiplayer weapons, maps, skins, etc. So in terms of WWoF Maxima, it sounds like the creatures are missing and not any story content, which means I will probably get the PS4 version.

Excited to hear about the "wait" option as I would totally use it - and does it work better than the horrible "wait" mechanic in FFXV? Otherwise, I am not opposed to the ATB though. I have only played FF8 in that 4-9 sequence, so I can only really compare it to that, and was great. 

Sora and the other original KH characters are owned by Disney, so the licensing is likely the very reason why he was limited time and not included again here.

Yeah, no missing story or anything like that on PS4. Just minor creatures that were pre-order bonuses for the original game anyway, and Sephiroth. Definitely not something worth fretting about. Though I have to admit having this game in portable form on Switch would be awesome. The visuals are slightly reduced compared to PS4 I'm lead to believe, but the portable factor would outweigh that for me. That said, if you do go PS4, it looks bloody gorgeous.

Ah yeah, Wait in FFXV was very different because of the real-time system. It tends to vary slightly with certain FF games, where Wait in FF7 would only prevent enemies from acting if you actually had a specific battle menu opened, e.g. magic or summon. In WoFF, turning Wait on pauses all ATB gauges and enemies won't act as soon as one of your allies' turn pops up. So it pretty much becomes proper turn-based at that point.

Oops yeah - forgot about Disney. That explains it easily then.

Yeah I am sold on the game then! I think FF8 does that as well, where you could set it to pause when you opened a battle menu, though I could be mistaken and fabricated memory could be creeping in.

Either way, this sounds like the perfect game for me then!

RudyC3 said:
If only it got a physical release on Switch, I'd soooo be down for this. As it is though, I'd rather put what little money I have for game into acquiring others that DO get a physical release.

Rudy, I totally missed this news, but a Southeast Asia-exclusive physical edition is coming. Not sure when it's out, or if it's out yet, but it will have English subs, and I assume both Eng and JP voice options as normal.

Our member of the week

Azuardo said:

RudyC3 said:
If only it got a physical release on Switch, I'd soooo be down for this. As it is though, I'd rather put what little money I have for game into acquiring others that DO get a physical release.

Rudy, I totally missed this news, but a Southeast Asia-exclusive physical edition is coming. Not sure when it's out, or if it's out yet, but it will have English subs, and I assume both Eng and JP voice options as normal.


Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

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