The Fall Part 2: Unbound (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Renan Fontes 01.12.2018

Review for The Fall Part 2: Unbound on Nintendo Switch

While certainly far from perfect, The Fall's first part managed to offer a legitimately compelling narrative, in an atmospheric environment, and with relatable themes. A.R.I.D.'s relationship with the concept of humanity made for a gripping point-and-click adventure, even if the actual gameplay portion ended up a bit lacking. As the second part of a trilogy, it's up to The Fall Part 2: Unbound to expand on the first entry's themes, and push the series towards a conclusion. Unfortunately, much like A.R.I.D. the first time around, it gets lost along the way.

Although The Fall slightly stumbled in the gameplay department, it managed to offer a worthwhile experience, in large part due to its atmosphere and commitment to the theme of humanity. A.R.I.D.'s arc had a sincerity and cleverness to it that elevated the entire story. Going into Unbound, it's only natural it expand and follow up on not only the protagonist's arc, but also the themes at play - and, at least conceptually, Part 2's approach to humanity is rather promising.

A.R.I.D. has lost her body, and has found herself forced to interact with the world by possessing different AIs. It's a premise that makes sense for the character, the story, and the gameplay, but it's one that isn't utilized with nearly as much creativity and quality as the first instalment. Narratively, while such a shift in the storyline makes sense, the script comes off severely lacking. The dialogue isn't written nearly as strong this time around, as the script wants to be clever, whereas the original simply was clever.

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The pacing is also a major issue in here. The first journey was short and paced itself just right with a quick burst at the end to lead into the second instalment. Unbound has none of that grace, replacing a methodical experience with one that feels painfully scattered. To make matters worse, the atmosphere that may very well have defined The Fall's first third is all but absent. Having A.R.I.D. inhabit AIs that aren't her own is a good idea in theory, but it kills one of the series' best qualities in practice.

This is to say nothing of the fact that the theme of humanity isn't nearly as well explored in this second part mostly due to the decrease in writing quality. There's an attempt at introspection made, but it feels less earnest and more "expected." The sad truth is that A.R.I.D.'s arc came to a close one third into the trilogy and Part 2 doesn't do enough to justify the continuation of her character's "development." Shockingly, the one aspect that that was a no brainer for improvement, but actually comes out all the worse is the puzzle design.

Puzzles weren't outright bad in Part 1, but they weren't great either - serviceable for the most part, yet left much to be desired. Here, they're just downright poor. There's no discernible difficulty curve at play, and most puzzles are either painfully simple to solve, or too obtuse for their own good. Combat is as mediocre as ever, as well, with even less justification for its inclusion than before. Where the first instalment had a solid narrative making up for the gameplay's shortcomings, Unbound has nothing. The only reason to play The Fall Part 2 is for the off chance that Part 3 manages to bring everything together into a satisfying conclusion. Truth be told, though, it's not looking promising.

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Disappointingly, The Fall Part 2: Unbound fixes none of its predecessor's issues while chipping away at its greatest strength: the narrative. It fails to follow up on the first part's themes and plot in a cohesive or gripping manner, instead meandering with new characters and concepts that accomplish far less than those introduced in the original. Taking into account that it's far longer with an inconsistent pace all around, The Fall Part 2: Unbound feels like an enormous misstep after a flawed, but worthwhile, first third of a trilogy.


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