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By Athanasios 25.12.2018 4

Review for Oppaidius Summer Trouble! on PC

Vittorio Giorgi is an Italian comic artist who is very passionate with drawing, retro Japanese videogames, and, of course, 'Oppai' (and who isn't?), with this little bundle of bounciness being nothing more than a love letter to all those things. Oppaidius Summer Trouble! is an ecchi visual novel with a strong '90s feel, a visual style that avoids looking the similar to everything else, and that has an unapologetic approach in regards to the... boobmania fetish that it serves. Even better, instead of trying to mix in plain ol' fanservice with "complex" plots and needless drama, this just wants to be funny and titillating, and mostly succeeds.

Before you even get to name the dorky, socially-awkward young protagonist, Serafina will swoosh into his life in all her magnificent enormousness. 'Endowed' is too weak a description, as this girl has funbags the size of watermelons, and nipples that stare right into your pervert soul! "This can't be real," the protagonist thinks to himself, and, due to how the creator of Oppaidius Summer Trouble! has fondl... err, handled his product, you'll have a hard time deciding whether that's an actual woman, or a hallucination born out of the main character's breast-obsessed mind. Despite this welcome hint of genuine mystery, however, unlike many erotic visual novels, which try way too hard to add a "plot," this is happy with being nothing more than a funny salute to 'oppai.'

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In many ways, this is just a fetish item and, thankfully for those to whom it is aimed at, quite the honest one. Serafina's larger-than-life breasts are the main, and maybe the only, focus in here, with the majority of jokes revolving around her gargantuan globes, the way our loser hero acts in front of them, or how the actual game "crashes" at their sight. Oh, sure, a comedic masterpiece this is not, but it's definitely funny in its purposely simplistic, Leisure Suit Larry-esque kind of way. Let it be mentioned one more time, though: this is, mostly, a fetish item; a guilty pleasure for those who cannot accept the phrase "more than a handful is a waste."

Does this mean that it can't be enjoyed by the uninitiated? Should non-boob-lievers not spend the few coins required to buy this? Well, if a hater of erotic visual novels this won't really change your mind, especially as this pays homage to the '90s era of the genre, meaning that one should not expect something spectacular in terms of mechanics. On the other hand, though, this nails the whole retro-inspired thing, especially when it comes to the sound of it all, as the game is filled with some pretty catchy original tunes done with a Yamaha FM-synth chip, and with guest musicians that include Norihiko Hibino of Metal Gear Solid fame!

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Besides its strong '90s vibes, the thing that separates this from the rest is its very distinctive look - and, no, we aren't talking about Serafina's arsenal again. Vittorio Giorgi's art style will alienate those used to the typical manga design of most ecchi VNs, but it's hard to deny that it's also a breas… err, breath of fresh air - and while not everyone will appreciate the appearance of the female lead, few will have a problem with how her assets have been designed - those who don't have a problem with their ridiculous size, that is. Oh, and, by the way, while definitely a NSFW product, don't expect any naughty scenes in here, apart from tons of frontal nudity, and bounciness.

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In conclusion: an enjoyable, funny, and boob-lover-friendly visual novel, correct? Sure, but not everything is fine and dandy. For starters, the story doesn't branch out… like at all. There are many choices on offer, but few matter, and even those won't alter things that much. Moreover, not only the five endings depend on some pretty illogical (and strict) steps, but the final "reward" isn't really worth the trouble. On the bright side this one of those games that you can complete in about an hour or so, thus trying something else won't take eons… without that meaning that this fixes the aforementioned issue.

Besides multiple choice dialogue sequences, this also incorporates a couple of mini-games; two of them during the actual storyline, and one used as a panic button, and, to be honest, they kind of suck, as their novelty wears off too soon - especially with the third one, which activates when pressing 'P,' turning on a Game Boy-like Poker game where luck is god. Here's the thing with this visual novel, though: this isn't about the gameplay (however light that might be). Oppaidious Summer Trouble!'s main purpose is to be a short but sweet, simple and funny, boobliciously sexy yet harmless ecchi title, with a strong '90s Japanese videogame atmosphere… and it's very good at that.

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As far as visual novels go, Oppaidious Summer Trouble! doesn't reinvent the wheel - and that's because it doesn't want to. This keeps things pleasantly simple: a unique hand-drawn comic look, some nice retro tunes, lots of humour (and a dash of bittersweetness), a perfect length, and some wonderfully drawn, bouncy tatas.


Vittorio Giorgi (SbargiSoft)


Vittorio Giorgi (SbargiSoft)


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A high five from those who laughed with the "vigorous strokes" joke?



( Edited 25.12.2018 01:52 by Ofisil )

Can't a fella drink in peace?

I looked at the title Oppaidius and was expecting some sort of Gradius parody.

Gabriel PVJ Jones said:
I looked at the title Oppaidius and was expecting some sort of Gradius parody.

Well, the title is a wordplay on Parodius

Can't a fella drink in peace?

Ofisil said:

Gabriel PVJ Jones said:
I looked at the title Oppaidius and was expecting some sort of Gradius parody.

Well, the title is a wordplay on Parodius

Yeah I don't know. I guess I'm just wondering why this isn't a 2D shooter.

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