Kingdom Two Crowns (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Wes Maulsby 08.01.2019

Review for Kingdom Two Crowns on Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Two Crowns is the third entry in the Kingdom series, which has seen players build their own kingdoms while fending off the 'Greed' since 2015. The latest entry leaves behind some of the rogue-like features of the previous entries, in favour of a more campaign-esque structure for each play-through. It turns out, that a deceptively simple exterior hides a compelling miniature empire builder, enriched by an enchanting visual design - now for the Nintendo Switch.

Players are rapidly placed into the driver's seat of establishing their kingdoms, thanks to a minimalist interface which has been popularized by the likes of the 'Souls' series in recent years. As a result, this is a game which reveals very little about itself, and which keeps many of its mechanics obtuse outside of the game's central mantra of build, expand, and defend. Building and expanding are tied to materials, many of which are not even available at the outset of a new campaign, and defending is dependent on a variety of variables such as accumulating more soldiers, greater defensive positions and weapon upgrades. Discovering the secret behind each of these variables is what produces most of the initial satisfaction within Kingdom Two Crowns.

Finally finding that material which will allow you to take your kingdom to the next level can be downright thrilling, as the tapestry of possibilities continues to unfold with each discovery. Adding to this dimension of discovery and careful planning is the newly implemented co-op feature, which allows two players to partner in taking their kingdom to greater heights. This, however, is also where many players may experience their greatest challenge.

The decision to go with such a minimalist interface will leave some without any sense of direction, or at least an idea of the means which to move forward. It is easy to meander on the first island as the goal of at hand is not immediately clear. Even after getting a handle on the initial concepts and goals, additions to either of those categories adds to the complexity of the game, as well as the possibility that most will place themselves into a bind due to poor or uninformed planning.

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Once players are able to decipher the clues which point to success in Kingdom Two Crowns, they will be able to fully enjoy what this has to offer, and they are especially free to enjoy the fantastic visual design. Even before you are tasked with figuring out Kingdom's puzzle pieces, you will undoubtedly notice the, at times, stunning, visuals. The animations of the often mystical creatures and animals which inhabit these lands are fluid and majestic which really breathe life into the environments. Couple these with the finer details such as the threes swaying in the wind, and how the many layers which make up the foreground and background of the world move and interact with one another and you are left marvelling at the amount of care which went into the visual design here.

This is doubly apparent for Switch owners when playing the game undocked. The nature of being in closer proximity to the display causes each of those visual qualities to stand out, while playing on a larger display can wash away some of the minutia despite the larger real estate. Contrasting the majesty of many of the friendly and allied creatures of the world is the vile and grotesque nature of the Greed. Monsters which act like bandits coming for your riches, and eventually your crown, the Greed are going to antagonize players throughout their journey with escalating force, as you continue to master the game and advance further and further towards conquering each of the available lands.

The only aspect of the visuals which doesn't quite measure up, are those of the various humans who populate the world. Compared to their animal brethren, the humans look a bit more dated and unfocused. Their animations are simple and somewhat stiff which almost clashes with those of the animals - especially the various mounts that player can utilize, some of which have terrific details, and who command the attention of the player as they prance and gallop around the environment. In a world filled with such beauty, these examples of the very ordinary tend to stand out.

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Kingdom Two Crowns brings deceptively complex strategy and empire building to the Switch, in as well a presented package as you can find. While some obtuse and unclear mechanics may turn some players off, others will no doubt welcome the challenge, and embrace this new world which they ought to conquer. Punctuated by stunning visuals, and rewarding gameplay and discovery, Kingdom Two Crowns offers some of the finest strategy gameplay available on the Switch.


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