Razed (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Drew Hurley 19.01.2019

Review for Razed on Nintendo Switch

Razed forces its player to run. To run as fast as they can. The protagonist has been equipped with shoes that will literally explode should they not keep running. They're forced to dash through stage after stage, seemingly within an '80s computer game, like a certain movie. Gathering up new equipment along the way to take on harder courses. Always searching for the fastest way to get the best possible speed and find little secrets hidden along the way before taking on the sinister "Developer" who set the player off on their run.

It's a very simple premise. Run. The opening stages of Razed make it seem like it's going to be a simple and easy one - a notion quickly quashed after finishing off the first world. While the core gameplay couldn't be simpler, the stages and methods of getting through them are anything but. There are 60 stages to traverse in all, 10 per world, with each world introducing its own unique style and challenges. Each world also a new ability to unlock and is finally topped off with a big boss encounter.

The first stage just requires running through decent sized platforms, not slowing, avoiding the occasional falling rock. The second adds jumping to the mix, then numerous other skills are added, like air dashes, bursts of energy that can destroy explosive barrels to open new paths, stomps to send out shockwaves, and drifts to enable sharp turns.

As the repertoire of moves expands, so do the dangers in the levels. There are platforms that collapse beneath the running feat; tiny beams that require careful steps; spinning blades; and bouncing platforms that throw the player through the air. The stages after the first few levels require extremely quick reactions just to get through them, but just completing each stage isn't enough here.

Screenshot for Razed on Nintendo Switch

Razed was made with the competitive spirit in mind. There are online leaderboards to challenge for the top spots, and ghosts to race off against. Each of the stages has an obvious path through to the finish, but squirreled away are alternate routes that can cut the time needed to complete the stage massively. Many of these are unreachable until all of the subsequent abilities are unlocked, giving the game a decent amount of replayability.

Replaying is the name of the game in the initial run-throughs, as well. The levels are very challenging and thankfully there is no lives system. Fail? Just retry, again, and again, and again, and again. Dropping off a narrow beam, overshooting a jump, getting stuck on a small outcrop for one second too long - there are many, many failures before each stage can be completed, and many more before it's perfected.

The aesthetic has gone for a simple, low poly, neon style. It's said at the start of the game that the whole experience is taking part inside a computer game and that certainly fits. What doesn't fit, though,is the soundtrack. It's far too mellow and forgettable considering the style of game and the art. Due to its style, this game was crying out for a booming Synthwave series of themes. Playing on Switch, the simple controls mean it's easy to play in whichever style is preferred. The style is simple enough that nothing is being missed playing in handheld as opposed to on the big screen, and the controls are simple enough to work well in either.

Screenshot for Razed on Nintendo Switch

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It's Speed meets Temple Run, with a heavy Tron filter over everything. It's a fun little runner that has plenty of replayability, thanks to the competitive aspects of the racing, the alternate routes through the stages, and the hidden items to track. However, Razed is quite niche - there's a considerable challenge here and the frustration may be too much for some to handle.


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