The Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb Table Pack 3 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Josh Di Falco 08.05.2019

Review for The Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb Table Pack 3 on Nintendo Switch

By now, FarSight Studios has created 32 tables for The Pinball Arcade on the Nintendo Switch. The pinball heavyweights of yesteryear, Gottlieb delivers with five new tables in this final DLC pack for the digital-pinball library with Gottlieb Table Pack 3. With tables from names such as Jon Norris, Ray Tanzer and Joe Kaminkow, these bring fresh humour to the mix. While it doesn't bring anything totally new to the library, these do serve as the icing on the cake to top off what is quite a collection of tables from the late '80s and early '90s. Let's see how these tables stack up, as Cubed3 jumps into the review!

Starting in 1988, comes this retro look at the future with a table that seems to have come straight out of a David Bowie album. 'TX-Sector' is designed by the triple-team of John Trudeau, Constantino Mitchell and Jeanine Mitchell. As is generally the case with the older tables, this can be a bit rough for some. The aim here is to hit the drop shots to increase the power level to release the lock. Locking the ball this way is how the multiballs start. The various ramps also work as "teleporters" - which teleport the ball to various sections on the table simulated by the lights at the back of the table. Overall, this is quite a fun table to play on, but building up the energy levels to initiate multiballs is easier said than done.

Next is the Western-themed table from 1991, designed by Reinhard Bangerter and Jon Norris. 'Cactus Jacks' centres around activating the Thorny Surprise and Banjo Bonus modes for scoring huge points. Plunging the ball into play can result in a multiball from the outset. Though the multiballs are easy to activate - there is not much else to this table unfortunately. While the comedic lines and quirky sounds come through the speakers, the table doesn't have much else going for it. There are drop targets on the left of the table that don't appear to do anything when they all fall. This table is not as fun as some of the others that are in The Pinball Arcade.

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However, the third table in the pack, 'Class of 1812' is the big winner for being the best table in the pack. Designed by Ray Tanzer and Joe Kaminkow in 1991, this is a highly engaging table that features a ton of activities to play around with. Thematically, this supernatural table features spooky elements, from the severed hand, to the mechanical beating heart and chattering teeth. However, the true entertaining horror begins when the easy multiball begins to the backdrop of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Within seconds, a chicken begins clucking along to the catchy tune. This table is bound to bring plenty of joy, due to how right it gets everything. From the sound-style and clips to the horror overtones meshed with the bizarre oddities.

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The fourth table was designed by Jon Norris in 1992, and it's called 'Cue Ball Wizard.' Another one of the Westerner-themed tables, this table has a billiards theme to it. Featuring the white billiard ball in the centre of the table, this table has a lot going for it. Whether it's collecting the letters to 'Wizard' or 'Double' or racking up huge scores on the ramp or gaining skill shots with the 8-Ball on the playfield, there is a lot to do here. There's even a cameo appearance from 'Cactus Jack' from the other table in this pack. With lines like "Quit talkin' and start chalkin'" or "I hate these outlanes" … truer words were never spoken.

The fifth and final table is designed by Ray Tanzer and Jon Norris in 1993, called 'Tee'd Off.' This is a humorous golf-themed table that heavily focuses on a mischievous gopher, with inspiration from the comedy film Caddyshack. It does have a cool feature such as the Roulette Gopher Wheel set inside the playfield, and the quirky gopher does cause some funny moments. But other than that, it is an otherwise stock-standard pinball table that has more charm about its design then it does with it's gameplay. However, it does have the catchiest music on this DLC pack.

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As is normally the case with the other DLC packs, FarSight Studios seems to have issues with the input for name abbreviations for the leaderboards. Some tables are so glitch-riddled just to put a name in, requiring having to mash the right button a few times just to change the letter from 'A' to 'B.' Oddly though, some of the other tables work perfectly fine, so it is a headscratcher trying to figure out why the trouble persists with some of the tables.

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The final DLC add-on pack for The Pinball Arcade comes to an end with Gottlieb Table Pack 3. 'Class of 1812' and 'Cue Ball Wizard' are the headlining tables of this pack. They both combine their artsy-themes and catchy backing tunes to some pretty formidable gameplay and feature-heavy tables. 'TX-Sector' is the next best table in the pack, surprisingly due to its simple but addictive gameplay-loop. 'Tee'd Off' and 'Cactus Jacks' both have the humour going for them - but they do lack the longevity for an engaging pinball experience, except for the diehard pinball fans who want to top the leaderboards. This is definitely not the worst table in the pack though - and it is a worthy addition to extend the digital pinball library on Nintendo Switch.






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