Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Adventure (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Albert Lichi 20.08.2019

Review for Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Adventure  on Nintendo Switch

For some, the world as we know it has become a cyberpunk dystopia. The world is connected to the internet, ads blind us constantly, identities can be stolen right from under our noses and everyone is at the mercy of technological overlords. Cyberpunk as a sub genre of science fiction has only become more relatable as time goes on since it is becoming more apparent that it is becoming closer and closer to being a reality. It is a perfect subject for video games since they compliment each other as seen in the likes of titles such as Deus Ex, Ruiner and Observer. Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure on the Nintendo Switch aims to take the genre to new meta heights in ways never seen before.

Playing Bitlogic is a perplexing yet wonderful experience. It is a kind of game that could only exist in a cyberpunk setting and lo; here it is. The premise is that the game's setting is some kind of cyber-reality or computer world and the visuals/graphics are representations for the player to make sense of it all. Since portal technology does not exist, the user is physically unable to enter this plane of existence. This is where Bit comes in; a bald, digital avatar for hire with a kindly disposition who resembles a blue man group guy with Tron-lines. This guy eagerly obliges to be the player-controlled character in spite of the fact he totally sucks.

Playing Bitlogic feels like being the victim of some kind of prank. Bit is a very limited character for a 2D action-adventure. Lester Knight has more mobility and range of abilities than this guy who is only able to shoot and climb ladders. Not only is Bit unable to jump at all or even crouch to shoot low-crawling enemies, he moves very slowly and has no invincibility frames after taking a hit. All of this is to emphasize the simple game design of collecting microchips or processors. Bit has to navigate a gauntlet of rooms full of ladders, stairs and all kinds of indescribable cybernetic threats. It would be easy to assume that Bitlogic is a terrible game to play, but in a weird way its kind of brilliant. The simplistic goal and extremely limited mobility makes this extremely easy to pick up and play for anybody. What makes everything work is the level design and placement of collectibles.

Screenshot for Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Adventure  on Nintendo Switch

Bitlogic's hand shows towards the end of its short play through. Without spoiling, it is just easier to say that there is a very good reason to replay and to play things differently. The designer's intentions become clear and the punchline is jaw-dropping hilarious. This is a very short title for a single play-through; roughly about two hours. This makes subsequent replays much less of a hassle. The experience lingers on- sometimes days after playing; which is so unusual for something with such basic gameplay and ugly graphics.

If there was one thing the designers dropped the ball, it is the atrocious art direction. Bit moves so awkwardly and climbs ladders like a rubbery cardboard cut-out. The flat flash animation look of everything looks cheap and the lack of animation frames does not inspire hope for anyone who is willing to give Bitlogic the benfit of the doubt. It is just sad to see something like this released on current generation consoles in 2019 and it not be a student developed game. On the other hand... included with this package is something that saves the entire experience: an MSX version. The obscure Microsoft gaming computer from Japan that most people only know for being the original platform for the first two Metal Gear titles... The entirety of Bitlogic can be played as an MSX game and it improves every aspect of it.

The MSX version has such low-fi pixel art that it's almost akin to Atari 2600. The sound design is classic 1980s video game effects that have that electronic crunch that makes it so appealing. Even the cutscenes are presented with more clever compositions and more appealing text. The only clue that this is not a real MSX game is the aspect ratio being fir for wide screen displays and not 4:3. The misgivings about the visuals stop being an issue in this mode but that is only for those who cant muster MSX style pixel art which is not for everyone and if they can handle harder gameplay.

Screenshot for Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Adventure  on Nintendo Switch

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Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure is a gimmick or novelty of a video game that is meant for twitch streams or to dupe friends into playing it as a joke. It is not the most enjoyable adventure game but is also not designed to be the great either since it is trying to make a point. It is designed to be played by almost anyone and not counting the directional pad, it only uses one button. By that token it is almost impressive that it manages to be engaging at all.


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