Boo! Greedy Kid (PC) Review

By Athanasios 03.10.2019

Review for Boo! Greedy Kid on PC

Videogames are wonderful. They've given people the chance to taste all kinds of ideas, concepts, and experiences. Gamers have raced hovercrafts in gravity defying courses; killed aliens and monsters with an assortment of futuristic or mystical weapons; solved mysteries; designed thriving communities; survived the apocalypse; and many, many more. Books and films can't give you all that! Want another example? Boo! Greedy Kid is an arcade action game, where the titular kiddo must steal money from senior citizens… right after scaring them unconscious! Ahh, those playful youngsters…

The nameless, child protagonist of this tale lives in a pretty weird building. He is the only kid around, as all 99(!) rooms seem to be inhabited by old-timers of all kinds and flavours. Not a problem, though. This young lad wants to gather money to sooth his soda addiction, and these oldsters are the perfect victims. All it takes to snatch their dough is to go behind their back, scream… and cardiac arrest will do the rest. No, really, that is the concept here.

Yes, this revolves around scaring people in order to get their money. Do they offer any sort of resistance? Well, there is a variety of 70-(and beyond)-year-olds here, and each "type" comes with a different behaviour. The kind, silver-haired grandma is just a sitting duck, but the bald grandpa will slap you silly the first time you try to scare him, which means that you must be ready to run away. Also be aware of nurses that CPR your game back to life, plus some pretty violent policemen.

More "enemies" appear the closer you get to the end, and each one needs a different approach in order to scare or avoid, but in all honesty, the gameplay lacks that "simple yet deep" magic that old-school arcade classics had, like Pac-Man, Frogger, Dig Dug, and so on. In other words, it all becomes boring way too soon. There aren't any substantial differences between enemies and stages, and as a result, the whole thing kind of feels extremely repetitive.

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The only enjoyment here is trying to complete a floor with a perfect score. Boo! Greedy Kid follows the typical, three-star score system that rewards your overall effectiveness, which translates to: your money-grabbing skills, and your speed. That isn't to say that the fun will last for long. Repetition will soon rear its ugly head, as no matter how challenging triple-star-ing a stage proves to be, the gameplay is not really that good to make you want to keep trying.

Generally, the team (or person) behind this, didn't try enough, and the fact that this is an indie product is no excuse. The best example is how all 99 levels use the same exact assets. Yes, the pixel art style is fine and all, but nothing ever changes. The same applies to the OST, or, more specifically the only available track. It's a decent enough retro tune, but the Bubble Bobble theme it ain't, therefore hearing it more than 15 minutes straight will drive you crazy.

The Steam Workshop could be Boo! Greedy Kid's saving grace, but, as mentioned before, the gameplay mechanics weren't that good to begin with. Yes, there's a level editor bundled with the game; it's easy to use, and creating your own levels (or even whole campaign) is kind of awesome, but this will only add one to two more hours of the same exact… okay-ish experience. Long story short: elder murder is great and all, but there are far better indie arcade action games out there.

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Boo! Greedy Kid is an arcade action title that plays more like a puzzler, and where the name of the game is making old people meet their maker, so that you can empty their pockets to buy a few cans of soda. Sadly, the previous synopsis is far more exciting than the actual experience of playing this, as it soon turns out to be an annoyingly repetitive, forgettable, and unimaginative deal.


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