Mutazione (PlayStation 4) Review

By Daniel Rivas 07.10.2019

Review for Mutazione on PlayStation 4

Die Gute Fabrik's latest creation provides an engaging story with a beautiful, minimalistic vector art style, and range of interesting characters. Mutiazone is a game that, while somewhat repetitive at times, is a thoughtful journey into reconnecting with one's roots, tying it all together with an interesting story with a pinch of fantasy and fear of the unknown. It presents a form of storytelling that is easy to understand, yet still requires the player to do the legwork around the world to ensure you know who the characters are as well as their role in the world of Mutiazone.

The story of Mutiazone seems simple from the beginning. You are Kai, a presumed teenager leaving the mainland to visit her sick grandfather on the island of Mutiazone, an island that none have ventured to for decades save for the ferryman named Graubert, who trades cargo form the island to the mainland. Upon arriving on the island you find out that the community consists of mutants, made that way due to a meteor hitting the island decades before, impacting all who lived there and permanently mutating them.

Apart from the obvious physical mutations, the members of this community behave like regular humans, with their own insecurities, loves and hates that you bare witness to over time, and play a role in the story which soon takes the form of a mutant soap opera. Now, although the drama is entertaining to watch, the story primarily revolves around Kai and her dying grandfather, as they are somehow tied to the island of Mutiazone and each play a pivotal role in its survival.

An element that ties into this is gardening. Over time you realise that the ecosystem is out of balance due to events prior to Kai's arrival, thus it's now your job to go around the island engaging with various characters and planting gardens that are appropriate to a character's particular mood or dilemma, as each plant holds a different emotion and will assist said character through its planting and growth.

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To plant these various gardens you'll explore the island, picking different flowers and seeds along the way, making sure they are in the appropriate gardens, and upon doing so, you are given a 'growth song;' a song that helps certain plants grow quicker, and is somewhat reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, using entrancing music to assist the protagonist. The visuals are executed through a simplistic vector style with a range of vibrant and pastel colours, accompanied with a beautiful soundtrack that truly brings the world of Mutiazone to life.

However, much of the experience consists of Kai running from one side of the island to another, finding these plants, engaging with different characters, and as the world is small, the scenery, although beautiful, becomes increasingly redundant as the story carries on, and so one can't help but wonder if this could have benefited from either a sprint option to allow Kai to cover more ground quickly or an even smaller map, as some parts of the game seem to be there just for the sake of looking aesthetically pleasing.

Nevertheless, Mutazione gives a breath of fresh air in the current climate of games that rely on explosions and mayhem to entertain, as it presents something that provides its player with an interesting story, beautiful art style, and an enthralling soundtrack that will leave you satisfied and keen for more of Die Gute Fabrik's work in the future.

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The world of Mutiazone is full of life and drama, and its interesting scandal-filled story and engaging characters do a fantastic job of conveying this story in a way that leaves you genuinely invested in the characters and the island itself. Although the world can feel a little small and repetitive at times, the soundtrack and beautiful visuals ensure that the player stays entertained and longing for even more at the story's conclusion.


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