Metagal (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Luke Hemming 23.10.2019

Review for Metagal on Nintendo Switch

Developed by RetroRevolution and Ratalaika Games, Metagal plugs an already clogged sink full of Megaman run-and-gun clones, but may deliver the most successful homage to the genre yet. With bright visuals, perfect chiptune level themes, and an attempt to build a bigger world and lore with integrated cut-scenes, this is well worth giving the Gal a runabout for. With a budget price on the Switch, and a good amount of content to unlock, even the purists could be swayed to give this a whirl.

Beginning with a tutorial stage interspersed with plot delivered through artwork reminiscent of Viewtiful Joe, Meta returns home to find her creator Dr. Ray, as well as her adopted Android sisters kidnapped by the brilliantly named General Creeper with the intention of using them as weapons of mass... seduction? Thus begins an enjoyable romp rescuing each member of the sisterhood while enhancing and gaining new abilities.

Level design from the outset appears incredibly well thought-out, with the introductory stage placing obstacles and enemies perfectly to allow for a quick pickup of the controls and more advanced moves needed to navigate the eight stages. All levels follow the layout expected with themed traps, precise jumps requiring perfect timing and culminating in a boss battle to free your captured sister and add their likeness (and unique weapon) to your own - Borg style. Each stage also gives a good indication of the type of power you are going to inherit upon completion.

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Compared to some other similar titles where these would seem obligatory but not essential, each new gift earned is a pleasure to experiment with. A charging system restricts overuse but never feels prohibitive or sullies the enjoyment of dashing across the screen, deploying a shield and firing off a few homing missiles to obliterate any enemy foolish enough to be in the firing line. Boss battles also feel significantly more difficult when not using the right tool for the job.

One issue to be noted however is with each level needing pinpoint accuracy, Jump dashing feels cumbersome and imprecise in handheld mode, leading to some cheap deaths from a gaping chasm or blast fired from the impressive and diverse enemy sprites. Also noted were some collision detection issues causing a few cheap hits, but nothing to sour the overall presentation.

Metagal is a perfect example of something short and sweet. What is surprising, however, is how much content has been added for console releases. Each 'Gal' is playable, and rather than a straight sprite swap, all have unique upgradeable abilities to experiment with. Levels are also graded and timed to lure in the speed runners. A full play-through for a seasoned Mega(girl) shouldn't take more than an hour (for this less experienced reviewer, significantly longer) but with regular checkpoints and cogs used as currency to cheat death and continue where you perished, frustration rarely rears its ugly head.

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Rated 7 out of 10

If Mega Man Legacy Collection is already clocked and taking up space on your Switch's SD card, this delightful homage will certainly provide some cheap thrills. Short quick bursts of fun for a casual gamer, replay value through the additional characters, as well as time trials for the speed-running fanatics, ensure that this is the pretender to the throne to splash the cash on. Value for money wise, there isn't any reason to not pick up Metagal. If even only a passing fan of the genre the sheer amount of love and affection that has gone into this game raises it far above its peers. Despite a few minor control issues encountered playing the switch version, nothing detracts from the eye-popping pixel art visuals and although brief, the attempt to inject some story throughout is greatly appreciated.




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