Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii) Review

By Mike Mason 03.01.2008 10

Pokémon's big screen encounters have usually been limited to battle simulators, but GameCube adventures broke the mould, bringing home console Pokémon RPGing for the first time. Does Wii iteration Pokémon Battle Revolution continue this trend?

Sadly, it's not at all the game that we wanted it to be. While of course the wonderful battling is there in all its glory, there's very little else included - and by 'very little' we mean 'absolutely nothing'. What you've got here is the series' accomplished battle system in tact, just spruced up with big screen sound and visuals, but other than these presentational improvements there's not really anything that will want anybody want to upgrade from the DS version. Think of it as a Christmas dinner where you have a beautifully cooked turkey (battle system) that's extremely tasty, but all of the trimmings and other ingredients that make the dinner so great are just...absent without any explanation.

What's insulting is that it's not only a step back from the Gamecube's Colosseum games, it's also managed to roll back from the original Stadium titles from the N64. The lack of an RPG mode we would just about begrudgingly accept with a myriad of grumbles, but the fact that they couldn't even be bothered to throw in a collection of mini-games goes to show how little care has been paid to this outside of the visuals.

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What do we have, then? We have a series of tournaments for you to battle your way through, that's what. If you don't have Diamond/Pearl on DS, you get rental 'Mon, and not even ones that you pick properly - you're given pre-set trainer cards with creatures selected for you on them. If you do have Diamond/Pearl, you can upload your own beasts onto the system and use those. We meet a conundrum here, though: if you've not got the DS version, Battle Revolution's hardly worth playing because of the restrictions given on what you can actually use. If you have got the DS version, you've got everything that this is offering and more already, aside the presentation side of it, so there's no point playing it at all. Even the online play is present in the DS version, and while we didn't experience any issues online issues with Battle Revolution while playing with either friends or random strangers, we didn't in Diamond/Pearl either - and we could use voice chat in that, too, whereas that's not possible in Battle Revolution as Wii voice chat hasn't been implemented yet.

It's a strange game graphically. Some parts, such as the environments and the human characters, are actually probably the best things seen on Wii. They have a great style and are really smooth. The monsters themselves though are a mixed bag; some look like they were made up in a few minutes, others look fantastic. There's no doubting the battle effects, however, as they're lovely. The battlers still don't hit each other properly with physical attacks despite claims to the contrary - sometimes, but not nearly all the time.

Screenshot for Pokémon Battle Revolution on Wii

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Pokémon Battle Revolution takes a step back from the GameCube titles and delivers only a slim, barebones approach to the series on Wii. It looks impressive, and the battles are excellent, of course, but without more content it restricts its appeal to only the most hardcore of Pokémon fans.


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Yeah... this pretty much confirms my doubts on the game. Don't think I'll be getting it now. The only chance I'll get it is if Nintendo somehow go through the Wii's life without releasing the much wanted RPG, and if I find it cheap.

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Yeah, I got this on release and I like it a lot. It could DEFINATELY have been a lot better though. Sucks that many of the models haven't changed since Pok

I own this game and it's exactly what you're reading. A big let down really.

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Yes, so true. While it's not bad having a great looking (graphics seem to be great!) battling, it's nothing short of a money-rip-off.
44 EUR, full price, guys and gals!

I would have wanted to buy this, really. But not with nothing but a graphics front end for Diamond and Pearl. I think you were very gentle to give a 4 in value. I would have give a 3 or 2. But the final mark is imho what this game deserves. Sad but true...

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

I decided against this one after reading a few previews. This series has so much potential for an epic RPG that it depresses me knowing that it will most probably never happen. Imagine if they made a Pokemon game along the lines of a Final Fantasy epic. It would be absolutely mind blowing.

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

I've never been a fan of these shell games. I stupidly bought Pok

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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I think they need to get Gamefreak themselves to do a proper Wii version. It's one of their AAA franchises supposedly and they keep farming it out...

The game itself isn't fantastic at all. But, whatever, it lets you battle against people around the world in 3D which I guess is its main selling point in my eyes.

I got pearl so I am very interested in this game.U can hook your DS there man!This will totally play my pokemon again.

I totally love Pokemon battle revolution!Smilie

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