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Cranium Kabookii (Wii) Review

The Wii has been accused of basically becoming a system primed for party games, but considering the current market demographic it is no wonder developers are bringing such simple titles to the platform. But is Cranium Kabookii, the translation of a popular family board game, as good as the rest of the games in the party genre? Or is this just one step too far?

For those thinking they will be getting a thoroughly in-depth experience with Kabookii, then think again. This is definitely just a simple board game experience shoved onto the Wii. But, families looking for something not overly priced that is short and sweet and can help pass the time on special occasions, Cranium is not too bad a package. The product is based on the fastest-selling independent board game and is for two or more groups of people. This is certainly not a solo experience title, nor is it suited to less than a minimum of four people (two per team). Everything is presented very clearly with the aim of not being confusing in the slightest in order to appeal to the widest audience possible, with the box claiming anyone from 7 to 77 can play without a problem.

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Inside the game's box is a special pair of glasses that when looked through filters out certain on-screen colours, meaning only the person wearing them can see the appropriate message or answer at the right time. One team flicks the Wii controller to spin the Kabookii wheel and when it stops they are given one of several different tasks to undertake, split by category (Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer or Word Worm) and pitted against the clock. Players must draw shapes with the Wii pointer in a Pictionary-style affair, create tunes by tapping on a xylophone and hope people can guess what they are, answer numerous general knowledge questions or even act out motions with the Wii-mote. Variety is certainly not lacking, yet sadly Wii motion accuracy is, to a certain degree, plus there is always the nagging reality that popping down to your local shop could very well net you the actual board game for a much cheaper price than the Wii game. If you have no problem with the extra cost, though, then this is good fun with the right group of mates and a few drinks!

Screenshot for Cranium Kabookii on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


Cranium Kabookii certainly does what it sets out to achieve


The in-game characters and video clips are surprisingly up-to-scratch and help add to the game's general atmosphere.


Decent tunes and voice-over work throughout, but nothing particularly outstanding.


This is definitely not the type of product to keep people entertained for hours at a time, but the odd bout here and there under the right circumstances can be fun for groups.

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Cranium Kabookii is definitely a fun little product for Wii, with lots of variety involved and clever puzzles. Sadly there are a few niggles that prevent this from being a must-buy, especially given how the board game itself is a much cheaper alternative. If you are definitely looking for this style of game for Wii, though, it is one of the best on offer.

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The glasses idea is interesting, but this isn't one for me...

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