Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (Wii) Review

By Adam Riley 05.01.2008

From the very first unveiling of Wii, all and sundry cried out for a version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto. However, realists stated that if anything were to be forthcoming from the developer, Table Tennis would be most suited to the motion controls of the system. Clearly the people's voices were heard and Rockstar has now unleashed its Xbox 360 title on Wii. Does this edition of the game do the original version justice, though? And are the Wii controls everything people were hoping for?

Most presumed the Wii version of Table Tennis would lose a lot in the transition from the powerhouse of the Xbox 360, yet despite Nintendo's system being weaker, the game has basically been left intact. Unfortunately, though, it IS crippled somewhat by the lack of any online elements transferring over from the 360, and thus there is a much reduced replayability factor to consider this time. Coming in at a cheap price, however, those that missed the original version should still check this out, with its tough one-on-one competitions, battling it out across the table with well-timed flicks of the Wii controller to return the ball. Of course, it is not a simple case of backwards-and-forwards in each game, since the gamer is able to change the ball's spin and strength of return with the greatest of ease to create some amazingly tense rounds and long, drawn out rallies if both opponents are good enough.

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There is the option to go with traditional controls, using the Nunchuk as well, but the ideal set-up is the Wii-mote alone, directing shots like a true professional all depending on the way you move the controller, changing spin in up to eight different ways by pressing on the D-pad in the appropriate direction. Sadly, though, the control is nowhere near 1:1, with swings being executed based on pre-set motions. So instead of freely moving the controller and seeing the on-screen paddle move, gamers have to do short, sharp moves to have the player being controlled do the right action. To initiate power shots as well, it is not a case of swinging harder, but holding a spin-direction's button long enough until the player strikes the ball. Control-wise it does play better than the 360 version thanks to the Wii-mote, but there still appears to be a lot lacking. But with decent visuals, strong sound effects and a solid versus mode, this is definitely worth at least renting. Rockstar has no excuse for the lack of online play or other extras, however...

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People cried out for it and Rockstar provided. Table Tennis on Wii is just what you would expect, with great use of the system's motion controls and high intensity gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. A few more additions being included to differentiate from the original Xbox 360 edition, such as online play or extra new modes, would have been ideal. However, for those that missed it first time round, be sure to pick up this version thanks to the added control aspect.


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