A.O.T. 2 (Attack on Titan 2) (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Drew Hurley 16.12.2019

Review for A.O.T. 2 (Attack on Titan 2) on Nintendo Switch

After 10 years the explosive series is reaching its big conclusion. While Mangaka Hajime Isayama admitted he planned to end the series far earlier, the success it garnered made him rethink his original "Tragic" finale. Now with the manga and anime both coming to their end, Omega Force is releasing an expansion to its game from last year, expanding the story… but strangely, this game entitled "Final Battle," is actually not the final battle at all, instead, it focuses on the third season of the anime, the first part of which covered by Cubed3 recently in the Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 anime review. Looking at the Civil War arc where the role of antagonist moves from the monstrous Titans to a much uglier foe: Humans.

It's worth noting that the regular version of the game has already been covered here at Cubed3, and well-received too, so just the extra content will be covered here. For the base game go check out the review under Attack on Titan 2. That original game came out over a year ago, back in March of 2018. For players out there who have already picked up the original, there is an upgrade pack for sale which acts as DLC on top, for those new to the title, there's a "Complete collection" bundling the two up into a single package. The new story found within Final Battle is covered through "Character Episode Mode," which breaks down key moments of Season 3 of the anime through the viewpoints of specific characters from the series.

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This is a strange decision; breaking away from the regular story mode to make everything so episodic, not to mention switching from a single player-created character to the existing characters of the original story. Throughout the base game, the story was all based around an original character created by the player, and while the story played out the same as the source material, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and all of the other members of the cast playing supporting roles. While the original character took centre stage, giving them their own story running parallel to the original. From the wall coming down, through the initial training, all the way up to taking on the Beast Titan.

That main character listed MIA at the conclusion of the base game, and now the story jumps between characters like Levi, Mikasa, and Eren - covering off some of the major moments throughout both parts of season three. There's a real mess in this story though. The base game delivered a fantastic adaptation of the story, Final Battle is a poor follow up in every way. It's understandable for those who have experienced the series already, and are here looking for an accompaniment, but it's does a terrible job standing alone. Then there's the presentation. As opposed to FMVs in the base game, there are mostly still scenes with narrative text overlaid. It's a huge step backward.

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There's a whole new mode to take on in Final Battle too. Entitled 'Territory Recovery Mode,' this mode consists of crafting a completely new squad; handpicking any members from the considerable cast, and building this brand new squad to head out and take back land from the Titans. This roster includes the five new characters, Caven, Floch, Nifa, Zeke, and the dreaded Kenny the Ripper, along with even having the option to include the original character created in the main story being able to be used once more.

This new squad can then be taken out into the lands which have been overrun by the Titans and take them back in the style of a Warriors or Musou game. Capturing territory and collecting items to use in upgrading weapons and equipment. This is by far the best addition in here, leveraging all of the game's strengths into a brand new mode that breathes fresh life into the base title much more so than the pathetic attempt at a cut-down story. It also gives a chance to boost characters levels and grow bond between members, which allows for special interactions back at town between the missions.

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There's more to this extension than just these two new modes - there are some extra features to enhance the experience as well. The core mechanics themselves have some new features to try out. First of all, there is a new control method to try. Entitled 'Control Assist,' this new feature simplifies the controls, and it's helpful when playing mobile on the go, and ideal for new players, when just using it to get the hang of the fundamentals. However, the dynamic traversal is a huge part of the enjoyability of the game and it's better to play unassisted.

There are some new weapons on hand too - anyone who has seen the third season or checked out the Cubed3 review will know that there is some key new technology introduced in the season. The shadowy group of agents led by Kenny the Ripper is kitted out with a variation of the 3DMG that is focused more on the slaughter of fellow humans than of the Titans - swapping out the signature giant box cutter style blades for firearms. These come with different ammunition types to make them ideal for taking on Titan and Human alike. They're nothing compared to the big guns of the "Thunder Spears." Originally developed to take on the Armored Titan, these launch-able spikes are filled with extreme explosives.

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Attack on Titan has exploded back into the public eye with the manga readers due to the conclusion closing in, with up to date anime fans who are awaiting the incoming Season 4, and with western fans who are keeping up with release from Manga Entertainment, thanks to the recent Season 3 Part 1. There couldn't be a better time for this addition of the game, and it could have easily been the best Attack on Titan game to date, had the story episodes been of the same quality as the base game. The Territory mode, in addition to the new features, are all great fun, but not enough.

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