Muddledash (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Josh Di Falco 29.12.2019

Review for Muddledash on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is rife with the weird and wacky titles that make up the bulk of the online store. The latest in the queue is the Slampunks title Muddledash. This is a no-frills party experience for up to four players, as the party-hat wearing octopus' race to deliver the gift to the party first. This is a fun title filled with plenty of colour, life, and the absolute weird. Race to the octopus party to the backdrop of some bopping tunes, and let Muddledash bring on the laughs.

Muddledash is rife with colour, as this underwater title centres around a group of octopi trying to make their way to the octopus party at the end of each stage. With up to four players, this is a title that can only be played as a couch co-op. Unfortunately, for those who prefer single-player titles, there isn't an option to have AI-controlled partners, and instead there must be other active players willing to control the other octopus characters.

However, once things get going, this is a fun race to the end. It's an unofficial race as there isn't actually an on-screen time or any way to track who is winning which race. Muddledash is a title not to be taken seriously, and it exists purely to deliver a couple of hours of entertainment and giggles at the next house party.

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The race-track is a platformer 2D stage, and the octopuses can squidge their way to the end, by rolling up ramps similar to the ones in Sonic the Hedgehog, all while carrying a gift. The other characters have to try and get that gift to be the first to make it to the party with it intact. There are no enemies in here and the levels themselves contain no difficulties making it to the end.

Because of this, Muddledash is the perfect kids' game. Whether it's viewed as a race, or as a local co-op title where everyone must work together to bring the gift to the party, there isn't much more here that can be said. It's a short deal that would probably be deemed mundane or boring in a single-player setting, and as such Muddledash only exists as a multiplayer experience.

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Muddledash is a fun title that suits parties, or can be used to entertain the kids for a couple of hours. Slampunks has provided a light-hearted party game that doesn't offer a single-player experience. While it's refreshing to see couch co-op titles aren't forgotten, Muddledash is only a fun experience depending on the group that's playing. Don't take this too seriously, and just have fun with a laugh to get the most out of it.









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