Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Nintendo DS) Review

By Karn Spydar Lee Bianco 26.01.2008 8

The Geometry Wars franchise kick started back in 2003 with a simple mini-game that came bundled with Project Gotham Racing 2 for the Xbox. In 2005, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved -a new-and-improved version based on the original- was released as a standalone download via the Xbox Live Arcade. Now, two years later, Kuju Entertainment has teamed up with Bizarre Creations and Sierra Entertainment to bring the series to both of Nintendo’s current gaming platforms in the form of Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

Today we’re taking a look at the Nintendo DS version of the game. Ultimately we intend to answer the following question: is this game worth [url=]

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It all sounds a bit overwhelming, no? Well, fear not! For you no longer have to tackle your adversaries alone. No, we’re not talking about the co-operative mode (although we will do), but rather the teensy little drone that now follows you around during your epic space-battles. There are eight drones to choose from. Some aid with attacking, some with defending, and others help you to collect Geoms (which are dropped by dead opponents and can used to unlock additional drones and galaxies as well as improve your score multiplier). Each drone can be gradually levelled up by collecting additional Geoms, making them more accurate/powerful/useful. Certain galaxies will become far less troublesome with a fully-improved drone at your side, forcing you to carefully choose your ally before taking off.

Even with all these extra goodies at your disposal, Geometry Wars would be nothing if its basic gameplay mechanics weren’t still fun. Thankfully, they are. Whilst the DS obviously can’t provide access to a dual-analogue controller, it can provide access to the D-Pad and stylus, which work wonderfully for the most part. Our only complaint in regards to the control scheme is that it can almost be a little too accurate at times. The slightest flick of the stylus can cause a significant change in the direction of your ship’s fire, something that can become a problem in the game’s more hectic moments. Of course, this problem can be mostly overcome with practice, but if you’re anything like us the constant need for a firm grip and steady hand will undoubtedly cause the odd cramp.

With all the aforementioned additions to the game’s single player mode, it’s worth noting that there is also a significant amount of community content available as well. First up are the two co-operative modes (Co-operative and Simultaneous), which allow two players to work in tandem for a single high score, or compete against each other for the highest score. A Versus mode allows one player to control their ship as per usual while a second player unleashes waves of enemies to thwart him or her. A series of online leaderboards also help to keep things competitive for those that don’t fancy direct competition. Combine all that with Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for each galaxy, as well as the addictive quality of the game itself, and you’re looking at a serious amount of bang for your buck/quid.

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To answer the question posed at the beginning of this review: yes, Geometry Wars: Galaxies is worth the asking price. The inclusion of sixty unique galaxies, multiplayer features, and online leaderboards helps to make an already addictive concept that much more enjoyable and repayable. The core gameplay mechanic is just as fun now as it was back in the original Geometry Wars. Whilst the touch screen controls can be troublesome on occasion, they’re potentially more accurate than a dual-analogue controller, if you have the skills to take advantage of them.









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I never really liked arcade games so is it worth it?

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

If you didn't like the original you probably wouldn't like this. But the Galaxy games do seem worth it for the prices.

Maybe my reflexes just aren't that good, but when I played the downloadable game from the Wii version, I thought the touch screen controls sucked hard and the double D-pad controls were too imprecise. I'm sticking with just the Wii version, I think.

Great review spy :Smilie
I think i'll pick this up someday -

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

I think it was just Retro Evolved.

Yeah, it's just Retro Evolved if you download to your DS from the Wii version. If you have versions of both the DS and Wii one you unlock extra galaxies.

Nice review Karn. :Smilie

Cheers, people!

The touch screen controls do take a little getting used to, but they start to click with time. I tried the dual-button setup and hated it; far too inaccurate/slow for my liking.

For less than

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

Nice one Karn, at a good price too - maybe worth checking out for such a price. Seems to be a decent version though would need some time to see if it clicks, a shame in that respect but otherwise pretty good.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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