Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 19.02.2020

Review for Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL on Nintendo Switch

A little cuteness can go a long way. Disney created quite the package, by making this mini-game bundle filled with adorable Tsum Tsum; sausage-shaped versions of familiar Disney characters, like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses like Ariel and Sleeping Beauty, as well as villains. It must be noted that this game is incompatible with the Nintendo Lite, as all but one of the mini-games need Joycon controllers to be detached from the Switch. If you have hand arm/weakness, a few of the available games may need to be avoided. Some mainly use button control, others need swinging the Joycon around a lot. Plus, all are multiplayer-focused, but it's possible to enjoy this in single player as well.

Initially there was (and may still be) a Disney TSUM TSUM puzzler on iOS and Android systems. This reviewer would have been happy if the mobile game was the only one in this Tsum Tsum title. It isn't, but it's still one of the best in the cute Disney bundle. The developer kept the inclusion of bingo cards from the mobile version, which gave rewards once certain criteria are met. At the time of this review, none have been completed but it is assumed they result in a new Tsum Tsum.

When this starts for the first time, the player ends up with a fairly wide range of Tsum Tsums unlocked, including a few special ones. It isn't known whether these will be the same for every player or are random. Subsequent Tsum Tsums can be unlocked using in-game currency acquired by playing. The amount needed is easy to get by trying a few mini-games, even if player skill is low. Depending on the chosen game a player's main Tsum Tsum character can be chosen at the start.

All use a variety of controls. The Joycon is detached and used horizontally and vertically, depending on the motions needed. Each min-game gives brief visual instructions on what to do, although some could benefit from longer explanation. Lost Treasure, for example made no sense whatsoever. All games have more than one option of playstyle, be it with actual people, AI opponents, or no opponents at all, useful for when practice is needed without the added confusion over several other Tsum Tsums flying around the screen.

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Once the charming introduction scene is played the 3D selection screen provides a brief summary of what the game involves. Here's a quick look at all of them. Tsum Chase is like Pac-Man, only with Tsum Tsums and cute ghosts! Easy to pick up, no wild movements needed, although wild cries of joy and frustration may be heard in multiplayer mode. Tsum Tsum Mania? Shoot down objects and spaces invaders for points. Tsum Tsum Puzzle? Connect the Tsums to fill a meters and unleash special animated attacks unique to each Tsum that will soar in the cuteness factor! This is basically the one that was on mobile phones and tablets.

Moving on: Tsum Rhythm is a rhythm game, which needs a lot of Joycon movement to handle the cute songs. This, in particular, can't be enjoyed if your hands are weak. Spinner battle has you trying to knock an opponent off the stage - which is harder than it sounds, as items are periodically made available to aid the player. Bubble Hockey is… well, a simple hockey game involving getting points every time the puck makes it into the goal - can become very noisy when played with friends. As for Round 'n' Round Run, this has you use your favourite Tsum Tsum to tackle an obstacle course filled with gems and stars to collect, while avoiding getting temporarily immobilised by flying objects and other players (during multiplayer mode).

Egg Pack Coaster? Ride a rollercoaster with your Tsum, using the Joycon to avoid falling off and get lots of points! Not advisable if you don't like the speed roller coasters go, as it may bring on motion sickness. Tsum Curling? Use your Tsum Tsum to move the curling object as far as you can! Scoring high matters. Ice cream stacker? By far the best game of the lot - your chosen Tsum Tsum has a twin of itself that help hold up an ice-cream cone. Ice-creams in the shape of various Tsum Tsum characters fall down from the top of the screen, and the aim is to create a stack of them on the ice-cream cone, which has to be rolled by the Joycon, otherwise no ice-cream can be saved. A simple, yet uplifting game, ideal to make everyone smile at the cuteness. Be warned, ice cream may be craved on playing this.

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This is jam-packed with mini-games that can be enjoyed both against other players and alone, with enough content even for those with limited hand and/or arm mobility issues. It's the cutest party title known to mankind. This really is a game that everyone can find something to love: no compensation will be given for any arguments that multiplayer conjures up.


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