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Review for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch

What better time than now to experience a remote paradise from the comfort of the living room? It's time to say hello to Animal Crossing: New Horizons; an island getaway initiative run by the beloved (and sometimes feared) tanooki, Tom Nook! Fans have clamoured for a new Animal Crossing adventure for years, but is it the trip of a lifetime? Read on to find out…

Those familiar with the series know that there is a caveat to moving to this tropical oasis. The debt must be paid off, somehow. There are two currency systems to get to grips with from the offset: Nook Miles and the more traditional Bells. The story begins as players arrive empty handed. With that in mind, Nook Miles are a way to get acquainted with the island and create a convenient way to play.

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Firstly, feel free to enjoy the view! Since the series’ debut on Nintendo GameCube, the graphics have been upped considerably. Fur, feather, and scale shine proudly in high definition for the first time. The sparkle of the sea in the sun, to the moonlit twilight sprinkled over the grass, paint a truly magical scene. This is the Nintendo Switch game to make players just sit and daydream away.

It seems that the inhabitants of the island have the same idea. The cast of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more animated than ever before. Animals often sitting back and enjoying the fresh breeze on their face, as well as performing yoga poses and meditating. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in this way, values the need for relaxation and self-care amongst the busy hustle of the island collecting life. Each islander has its own charm and personality. Interacting with them is the way for the island to blossom and a unique community to blossom for each Nintendo Switch owner.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons also seems to push the concept of sustainability in a neat and streamlined way. DIY recipes, for instance. These delicious sets of instructions allow islanders to forge varying types of furniture, interior/exterior decorations, tools, and accessories. All of these can be found from the natural resources found on the island. Even Tom Nook says himself that the wood is plentiful and will not damage the delicate ecosystem. It's so much fun to build and decorate. Exploring and discovering the different ways to obtain the recipes are a big part of the revamped experience. There's also the customisation feature for clothing, accessories, and furniture. Animal Crossing: New Horizons truly becomes personal with players able to stamp their belongings and share designs with others.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons delivers a very streamlined setup. Islanders can donate and assess many things at once through a sophisticated storage system. Those who are familiar with the series will especially enjoy this, with the revamped UI making things far less fiddly. Those who are new to Animal Crossing may ask, “What is there to do?” That's a very good question, actually, and one that Tom Nook will often help with. There are many distinct characters to meet, landscapes to build, and tools to upgrade. It's an adventure defined by the player and fellow inhabitants. As with real life, some days are busier than others, but there are great benefits for that daily check-in. See what's new in stock, meet visiting travellers, and keep collecting as much as possible.

Things change according to time of day and season, so each experience will be different. Upgrades, tools, and ways to carve out the dream island can spring up from the unlikeliest of places - so keep exploring and be curious. Multiplayer is also a great way to create new stories and experiences. Up to eight characters can roam the island (with one island, per Nintendo Switch console), with measures set in place to limit any damage caused.

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As in the past games, this is rich with culture, community, humour, and charm. There's a reason why the series has such a dedicated fan base - and with such hype, there's always the worry that the expectations may not match reality. However, New Horizons exceeds expectations in every way. It proves to be the ideal gateway game for many people and, with added touches of magic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is perfect for players old and new.









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I wish I could be more excited about this, but it never grabbed me in the past and I'm not hearing anything new that might tickle my fancy. I'd be more interested in an expanded new Harvest Moon, to be honest, or give me a revamped SimCity.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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