Cities: Skylines - Green Cities (PlayStation 4) Review

By Daniel Rivas 27.03.2020

Review for Cities: Skylines - Green Cities on PlayStation 4

This is an eco-friendly expansion given by Paradox Interactive. Seems all too relevant in today's reality of climate change, and it's somewhat successful in breathing some new life into Cities: Skylines, but not quite enough to encourage a purchase, and although the intention and application is commendable on behalf of the developer, these additions just aren't enough to make this a strong recommendation.

The changes to brought by the this latest addition, is the ability to give your city a new, eco-friendly makeover, and make a virtual effort to tackle climate change. Whether you're constructing alternative service buildings, or new and improved parks and burdens that are more friendly to the environment, or reducing the noise pollution of your city, Green Cities ensures that you do your part to reduce the carbon footprint produced, while still maintaining a metropolitan aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

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Green Cities adds only three new maps to Cities: Skylines, the first being Eden Valley; a mixture of flat plains and nearby hills. Second is Garden Rivers, which consists of a bridge connecting two land masses, and finally there's Lavender Lake, this critic's personal favourite of the three. Lavender Lake sits at the centre of a downhill slope, surrounded by hills and a long river off to the side, this map is the only of the three that gives any real inspiration in the possible creative execution of an eco-friendly haven.

Unfortunately, these new maps do little to impress, and so one cannot look into the world given by Green Cities as a means for too much inspiration, and so must rely solely on the players creativity and imagination to create a bustling metropolis that is eco-friendly, as well as being pleasing to the eye. Although the new maps are not a great contribution, the minor aesthetic changes of the buildings themselves are a welcome addition, and are successful in showcasing the eco-friendly nature of it all. The electric cars and the recycling centre are one of the best new factors presented, and they really drive home the eco credibly theme of this expansion.

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Although the newly designed buildings and overall aesthetic differences to Cities: Skylines are a welcome change, one cannot help but feel there is a large degree of missed opportunity and overall lost potential, with the aforementioned designs changes as well as the disappointing, and limited new set of maps. Unfortunately, because of this Green Cities is not a big recommendation when compared to the wider variety of DLCs already available for the core game. Try them instead, as they seem to contain content that will be more worth your time and money.


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