Cities: Skylines - Parklife (PlayStation 4) Review

By Daniel Rivas 27.03.2020

Review for Cities: Skylines - Parklife on PlayStation 4

In the beginning, this latest addition to the renowned city building game, seems hesitant to lend a hand, as it leaves you with a rather confusing and frustrating tutorial, but when you eventually make sense of it, you are left to your own creative devices, with the power to make the metropolis of your dreams - just as before, but in this case you are able to add a wild life park. The Parklife DLC for Cities: Skylines introduces just enough to make you feel secure in the knowledge that it is worth the purchase, but not as much as the other DLCs offered by Paradox Interactive.

This DLC caters to those who have a passions for zoos and nature parks, as Parklife offers a variety of options for the player to shape and mould the ultimate wildfire park inside a bustling city. Step by step, you are able to construct each aspect off the park, one piece at a time, and then you can connect them all through walking paths. This also gives a more direct control over the running side of the park, although in a way that could have been explored more. You are now able to set and adjust the price of entry to a park, as well as choose what concessions will be available to potential customers.

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Parklife comes with five new maps of interesting variety. The first is Cavern Coast, a map with small mountains and winding roads; second is Honu Island, which as the name would suggest contains an island that would make the ideal set up for those with a more aquatic approach to park building; third is Mountain Meadows, a plainer map with wide open fields; next is Pine Rivers, a lush forest interwoven rivers dotting the landscape; and, lastly is Windfleld, which provides a plainer, more fairly balanced map that is much better for beginners, if they want to start with an equal balance of resources.

Although the different maps are varied, and the other aesthetic additions are certainly welcome, the unavoidable frustrations of Parklife lie not only with the aforementioned tutorial, but with the PlayStation 4 controls as well. The redesigned toolbar is a welcome addition, although it is still frustrating to navigate through, as the PS4 controls come across as clunky and overly complex when trying to move around. Whether you are upgrading a road, or intersecting two attractions for a park, this experience on the PS4 specifically leaves much to be desired.

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While hindered by the frustrations of a confusing tutorial, and at times clunky controls, Parklife still manages to provide something fans of Cities: Skylines will enjoy. Although the changes are mostly aesthetic, this DLC still adds enough to make it worth the purchase if you have a specific interest in parks and zoos, and want to bring that passion to life. This expansion has the potential for one to create their very own park paradise, making it a fine addition to the renowned city building game if you are willing to put the hours in.


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