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By Nayu 21.04.2020 3

Review for Antiquia Lost on Nintendo Switch

JRPGs are perfect for on the go gaming, even better when that portability comes in the form of a Nintendo Switch's portability. KEMCO has a healthy catalogue of JRPGS, with Antiquia Lost being a standalone title that appealed to a JRPG lover who had never played a game for the developer before.

All the typical components that make a JRPG great are in Antiquia Lost. The plentiful humour made it a joy to play, even at first when the equipment and magic system felt confusing. There is a fair amount to grasp, but the systems are explained well, and the extensive help information can be accessed from the main menu at any time. Additionally, selecting the easy difficulty level truly makes it so easy that newcomers to the genre, or those who are in it for the story than the more in-depth battle mechanics, can enjoy what they like best, while still progressing at a rapid rate simply by selecting whatever form of attack they want to deploy.

The story itself has a fair amount of twists despite being predictable in places, something that didn't deflect from the overall enjoyment. Antiquia Lost, like many JRPGs, has both tragedy and triumph in the game that some may need tissues to cope with an unexpected yet understandable ending. Good does conquer evil, but even evil has a good side.

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Battles involve random encounters familiar to players of older JRPGs, with a typical turn-based style. The transition from travelling on the map to going into battle is smooth and well executed. The overall appearance of the game is a throwback to older JRPGS, on older console systems, and can be a break from the incredible 3D games of the current generation, with often intensely realistic 3D graphics that can cause motion sickness in some players.

The range of characters are typical to JRPGS, and include a ruffian, a protector, a guard, and 'Lumaria;' a cute mystical shape-shifter that provides much intrigue and fun to the tale. There are situations where Lumaria shape-shifts to get a feel for a person's character, or because she is exhausted. How that slug-like being goes through several emotions involving face changes, is amusing and weird in equal measure.

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Nostalgia for games played in the past adds to the positive atmosphere that Antiquia Lost holds, albeit with a shorter gameplay than some past epics, but not with any less substance in what is included in the plot and battle system. The unusual characters keep the story moving forward, even when the main party occasionally appears to hit a dead end. The plentiful quests and range in difficulty levels mean that the replay value is great, as is the engaging story.






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How big of a jrpg fan are you in general? kemco rpgs tend to be a dime a dozen and this one looked interesting but they literally have like 100 that all look the same.

This and revenant saga are pretty good. I've played a few of Kemco's games and I would say they are decent time killers, and unlike alot of retro style throwback jrpgs, they actually hold up on their own. That being said, Antiquia Lost is definitely the one I've played the most (a little over 20 hours for almost everything, so not terribly long, but still enjoyable).

Hi, Nayu here, commenting on my phone so not sure what my username is. I have been playing jrpgs for around 20 years now, so I do play a lot and am not a newbie to the genre. I am however new to Kemco,

I have heard some opinions about Kemco games but prefer to give each game I play a chance. I can have a tendency to like games that are less popular, but review games are played with an open mind and I say things as I see them. I can like tropes in games, especially if the story is interesting to me.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope that helps answer your question.

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