Super Phantom Cat: Remake (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 13.05.2020

Review for Super Phantom Cat: Remake on Nintendo Switch

Traversing a platformer in a cute disguise can help reduce the inevitable frustrations for the genre, especially for a casual player. Super Phantom Cat Remake is a port of the same titled game available on iOS and Android devices, apparently for free, but paying for it on the Nintendo Switch is something that this newcomer to this title would be more than happy to do.

Super Phantom Cat Remake has two elements which help make it stand out from the other cute looking platformers. Being a white cat isn't the only character option; throughout this various tokens are collected, sometimes from hidden areas, always in treasure chests, and once enough are found a specific character can be unlocked. These all have different personalities, which are purely for fun, rather than impacting abilities within the game.

A straight play-through of for this review unlocked four of the characters naturally. Replay is encouraged to get more coins to progress onto the next level, and to collect enough tokens for a specific character that the player likes. The second element which makes Super Phantom Cat Remake stand out is the fairly regular statements when the main character goes past a place for the first time. Life tips are given out, some more cryptic than others, with all being relevant to the particular point in the game, and they may include clues on how to solve a nearby puzzles. Sure, not all have to be solved to complete the level, but solving them does usually reap a worthwhile reward of coins or character tokens.

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There's a range of abilities that can be used in here, but sadly only one can be used per level, and the user can not choose which ability is unlocked, as they vary depending what the level's puzzles involve. This was pretty much the only disappointment with this - along with the usual frustrations that can accompany platformers for the less adept player.

At times, a period of hours or days may be required to create distance between particularly frustrating parts, where moving on seems impossible. Thinking outside the box is a must in some places. Even if a move feels impossible, simply trying it over and over can lead to progression. Puzzles involve switches and boxes to move, as well as relying on certain enemies to end up in a particular place for the puzzle to solved.

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Words of encouragement on screen do a lot to help players to keep on going in Super Phantom Cat Remake, which is balanced well with a variety of characters to love, and special moves to enjoy. Certain enemies who are hated in earlier levels, end up likeable for their usefulness in puzzles. Even the hardest of puzzles seems fun because of the novel ways they are solved, and not all are mandatory to move forward in the story, making this cute cat game a must have for all platformer lovers.


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