Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor (PlayStation 4) Review

By Daniel Rivas 13.05.2020

Review for Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor on PlayStation 4

The latest DLC from Paradox Interactive, brings a new and welcome change to the already great city builder. Sunset Harbor is an expansion pack that gives not only aesthetic changes, but enough additions in the way your city and citizens works, as well as bring completely new features, whether it be pioneering the fishing industry, or caring for both the young and old citizens of your metropolis.

As mentioned before, several additions have been made, first being the addition of a transport hub, which brings a new and improved way of connecting your city. Another means of public transport has been added in two forms: helicopters and the intercity bus service and the trolley bus service, each come with a new model, road and station/depot variations. Another feature introduced is the Aviation Club, a new unique building that both increases your city's entertainment and attractiveness. Generally, a real emphasis on connection and transit has been made with Sunset Harbor, and those willing to take their inner and outer city transportation to the next level will certainly welcome them.

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Another addition is the availability of mouse and keyboard support, which is the ideal way to play when navigating. Of course, this does not just bring new features in control and transport mechanics, but provides a new means for your citizens of all ages to be taken care of, and thus increase your population. The new Child Health Centre assists with the latter. This new building increases the average birth rate of the city, but also improves the lives of children in it.

The Eldercare City Services provides a means of increasing the health of senior citizens, as well as giving them a place to gather. This feature also increases the life span of your citizens. With these two new features you are able to care for both your youngest citizens and old. Five new maps have been added as well, each with their own interesting biomes ranging from dessert to swamp, and these maps aid in making the most of the new features introduced in the DLC.

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One of the main features of this pack would be how you use water as a means to not only improve your city and its citizens, but the wildlife and environment as well. This first takes the form of the new and improved Water Transfer System, which does not need to disrupt the aesthetic of your beautiful metropolis. The Inland Water Treatment Plant carries on the trend of your environmentally friendly city, as this brings water services inland, as it does not require nearby open water sources, and is able to provide clean water wherever your city is placed; a feature people are wholly recommended taking full advantage of, specifically on the new map, Desert Oasis, which has no bountiful source of open water to say the least.

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The final new aquatic feature would be that of the Fishing Industry, where you can engage and build… well, a fishing industry from the ground up, whether you're building harbours, planning fishing routes, or protecting your fish farms from polluted water. This brings a new and exciting change your city needs. New polices have also been added which affect a city's attractiveness, happiness, and its willingness to preserve the environment.

With so many new features brought to Cities: Skyline, you will surely want to reshape your city to accommodate these changes, but this will require you to possibly revamp whole sections of it - but, luckily, this has been made far easier with the addition of Bulldozer Bash, a new feature which increases the range of bulldozing an area, and so makes it easier when the player needs to tear down and reconstruct a segment of a city.

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This DLC is not limited to just aesthetic changes, but brings in a lot of mechanical changes, ranging from transport to citizen care, and even a whole industry. Sunset Harbor offers the means to make your city one that stands out from the rest, and delivers more for the environment and your citizens. If you want to take your city building to the next level, this is a must-have DLC pack.


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