Milo’ s Quest (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 16.05.2020

Review for Milo’ s Quest on Nintendo Switch

The popularity of puzzlers means that everyone can find a title that suits their needs. There is definitely a need for cute games that aren't of a high difficulty setting, so having a sweet looking brown and white dog as the protagonist instead of a human, adds a huge appeal to Milo's Quest, as does the gentle colour palette used. Pushing boxes to solve a puzzle is more fun than it sounds, and strangely addictive with a rush of endorphins when a puzzle is finally solved. Don't assume it is all easy either!

Despite a predictable and simplistic plot, Milo's quest gets those braincells working. Deceptively easy to start with, moving Milo to push boxes around to specific points to remove obstacles from paths leading to necessary keys for level completion can take more time than expected. Equipment is discovered throughout the story.

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Taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch's sleep button can save frustration from building to rage quitting, a scenario that almost happened when all except one key could be found. Sometimes the woods truly can't be seen for the trees. Parts of levels are reset when you leave the area, which can be annoying if it was hard to solve that puzzle because enemies respawn, but if you are playing on a difficulty other than easy this is a blessing in disguise.

Enemies drop a much-needed bone that can be used for upgrades and other uses, which at least in 'Easy' they are plentiful, and can even be found from running into bushes. These are rare in the higher difficulties, so having to repeat an area can boost supplies. The way the colours of the levels seemed related to seasons of the year made each other a bit different. All in all, a pleasant puzzler, albeit, a bit on the short side.

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The visual style may not appeal to everyone, but Milo's Quest is an indie title worth checking out, with its shorter length reflected in the price. Replayability is dependent more on the ability to appreciate something that's cute, because there are no worthwhile goals once the game is complete - but that in itself is not a negative point for some people. Speed runs are encouraged, yet again are dependent on what a gamer enjoys doing.









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