FoxyLand (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 17.06.2020

Review for FoxyLand on Nintendo Switch

Animals featuring as main characters in platformers help with the inevitable frustrations the genre creates for less skilled players. An upbeat story plus cute scenery can feel like a perfect match for a game, making FoxyLand by Ratalaika Games a must try for this reviewer. Thankfully, there is more than just eye pleasing graphics that contribute to how fun this is.

Racing to rescue a kidnapped love gives a strong sense of purpose, making the desire to overcome the few difficult parts of levels greater. The foxes are not just mere pixels on a screen. Their appealing appearance creates an attachment that smashes down walls of exasperation when parts of a level became tricky to navigate with spikes threatening to decrease the fox's life force from above, and enemies running around the other side of a bush.

Screenshot for FoxyLand on Nintendo Switch

The ability to temporarily stick to walls for a brief moment made it mildly easier when traversing caves, although if darts were firing simultaneously at the fox then that same brief sticking ability led to health drainage. Movement as a fox is logical with clever twists, like being able to hide behind bushes and rocks, providing a handy breathing space when sneaking past enemies.

Confession: being dive-bombed by flying enemies is highly entertaining, and resulted in the fox's health knowingly being reduced for the sheer fun of it. Anyways, there were occasions when a level's difficulty felt too easy for its position in the game, with a harder level on either side of it. At times some levels felt like they had too much empty space in them, a superficial issue that may be down to how much of the level was on screen at a time.

Screenshot for FoxyLand on Nintendo Switch

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FoxyLand is a must play for casual and more experienced platformer fans, with levels mostly being fairly easy to traverse, with fun puzzles to figure out involving switches and hidden items. High replayability comes from both individual competitiveness in completing a level without dying, and collecting coins to buy accessories, such as a hat or scarf to put on the fox.




Ratalaika Games


2D Platformer



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