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Ninja Reflex (Nintendo DS) Review

Ninja Reflex, like so many other DS games out there, suffers from an all too familiar problem. Decent concept and not much else. In fact, when we sat down to write this review we struggled to find enough to say. To state that this game is short would be kind. It contains just six mini-games, all of which are great fun, but then it ends and you'll just be sitting there feeling annoyed and ripped off. Problem is, there is nothing wrong with this game other than the issue of it lasting about thirty minutes...

When you think that a game like Mario Party DS gives you 70+ minigames for just a bit more money, it is almost insulting that EA thought they could get away with flogging this 'demo title' for £20. So, what's good in Ninja Reflex? Well, it looks, sounds, and plays wonderfully well. The graphics are beautiful and everything is really well designed. The game is easy to navigate, it makes great use of the DS touch screen and it is great fun. You get to drag the stylus across the screen to mimic swishing around a sword, chucking throwing stars and swinging nunchucks. Oddly, most of the targets you have to hit aren't actually people. After playing through the six minigames we were fully expecting to be told we were now to be sent on a big old mission around the world doing ninja stuff. Alas, this doesn't happen, instead the game ends. Bugger...

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You are guided through the (mini-)game by a moderately insane Japanese sensei who delivers chunks of wisdom and advice before you take your task. It is all rather charming and fun and whilst never serious Ninja Reflex is never corny or cheesy. All the dialogue is well scripted and nicely sampled to deliver an immersive experience whilst you train to become a ninja master.

Once you've played through the six mini-games and smiled at the charm of this title there isn't much left to do. The multiplayer mode allows you to pass your DS around a circle of friends and take it in turns to be ninjas. Whilst it is all well and good doing it on one system to get rid of the need for substantial loading times, it does somewhat ruin the experience of what could've been an excellent multiplayer title. Imagine taking on your mates at clever little ninja challenges in real time. Cool, eh? Well, you can't, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Turn based multiplayer just isn't the same.

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Yet again, it doesn't do anything wrong, but there just isn't enough of it. Were this to be a part of a bigger game it would score a lot higher. What gameplay there is here is decent enough, but it never builds upon its solid foundations.


This is a really pretty game and it looks great on the little DS screen. All the environments are in 3D and everything has a nice visual style to create a pretty authentic atmosphere for a ninja-'em-up (as we're now dubbing it).


Again, the sound is pretty excellent too. Good voice sampling, nice music...we can't really complain.


This game is a rip-off, that's probably all you need to know.

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When you do the maths (as we have above), it is fairly clear that Ninja Reflex is a total rip-off. Whilst the idea is good and the execution is fine there is literally nothing resembling a game to be had here. It is over before you've had time to enjoy it and because of that we've hacked down the score. Save your hard earned cash for something a bit more substantial.

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Real shame about the length on this one...sounds like it might be worth a go otherwise.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Lol, sounds worse than the Wii version! (review coming soon). Such a short game that with a few tweaks could have been so much more satisfying!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I was gonna pick this up for my sister too. I guess I won't be anymore...

twitter: @bensoutham

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