Waifu Uncovered (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 05.08.2020

Review for Waifu Uncovered on Nintendo Switch

Somewhere inside this old(ish) man is an eight-year-old Nintendo fan that still can't believe that the notoriously family friendly company now has so many adult titles in its library, with naughty shmup Waifu Uncovered, in particular, actually being the brainchild of an indie developer by the name of... One-Hand-Free-Studios. Well, at least the folks behind it understand the demographic they are catering to. Take a - pervy - look, as Cubed3 undresses a bunch of anime cuties. For health reasons, of course.

Apart from the hotties in the background, this is your typical vertical shooter, which means that everyone, even those who have never touched a girl... err, game like this before will be able to learn how to play it in a matter of minutes. Controlling a spaceship, you have to shoot at a variety of enemies that fly and spit bullets all around, collecting power-ups to strengthen the ship's power, have the bullets spread out, be able to throw a bomb that damages everything on sight, and so on. As expected, more ships can be unlocked as you play, with various differences between them.

Those who came in for a shooter will be disappointed, however, especially if big fans of the genre. Waifu Uncovered offers the bare essentials of a shoot 'em up... and nothing more than that. It's too simple, too slow-paced for something that's supposed to be a chaotic, bullet hell-ish kind of deal, and, more importantly, so easy it's painful. This results in levels feeling much longer than what they really are, which hurts the immersion greatly. You simply stop caring after a while, just shoot stuff until they are dead, and move on to the next stage. All this shooting business is a facade, of course...

Screenshot for Waifu Uncovered on Nintendo Switch

The purpose here isn't to survive, but to undress girls - a far nobler goal, to be honest. Picking up the purple stars that enemies leave behind, slowly removes the infected (yeah right) clothes from the girl in the background. There are eight girls to "help" here (and one extra), which all offer the same exact gameplay, and cover a bunch of typical "fetishes," like the Japanese schoolgirl, the goth, or the cowgirl. To this critic's wrath, no extra-busty maid, but at least there's a cosplay cutie on offer. Also note that there are two variations of each, one covered, and one uncensored.

It's important to note that this isn't an… adult, adult game. Similar to another "spicy" Switch title, Pachi Pachi On A Roll, the whole aesthetic leans closer to pinup art - more sexy than lewd. Sadly, the style is nothing to write home about; somewhat forgettable, and maybe not as sexy as it could be, which is after all what this game is all about. Ugly? Thankfully, no. That can safely be said about the enemies. A collection of ugly memes, "funny" icons, and Clip Art-esque designs, like troll faces, flying testicle-anus combos, simplistic flying saucers, and so on - Sexy Parodius this is not.

The replay value is also pretty low. There are two modes, which are really just one, with the second in line, Arcade, just making things a little bit harder, and adding an extra girl to have some fun with. One can get bored along with a friend, and can compare scores with other bored individuals on the leaderboards. Oh, yeah, there's also the One Finger Mode, which enables using just one hand in the touch-screen, freeing the other one so that it can do something more constructive, like play a masterpiece such as Wanking Simulator.

Pun? What pun?!

Screenshot for Waifu Uncovered on Nintendo Switch

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Both the shooting aspect, as well as the naughtiness on offer is just... ok. While there's nothing terribly wrong with Waifu Uncovered, it's just a very average shmup, with the sexy art not managing to leave a lasting impression. There are much better alternatives out there for both.









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