Super Box Land Demake (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 12.08.2020

Review for Super Box Land Demake on Nintendo Switch

A few decades ago a classic box themed puzzle game landed on the original Game Boy by Nintendo, providing hours of frustration for keen puzzlers. While it does seem to have been remade for the Japanese market, there isn't yet a version available in the West. This makes Super Box Land Demake ideal to fulfil those box pushing needs, and puzzle enthusiasts to enjoy an enemy free game.

The premise is simple: it is the boy or girl's duty to solve each level by getting varying numbers of boxes into position on the screen. The difficulty gradually increases through the one hundred levels of Super Box Land Demake. Often but not always the boxes need to be pushed in a certain order around fixed obstacles, otherwise the character can get boxed in, or have no way of getting the final box to the end. If a hint is wanted there is the ability to rewind steps already taken in the level, handy if a box is accidentally pushed past the point of no return in terms of being able to get around it for the next one.

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There is much delight to be taken by completing a level of box pushing, apart from when a certain level is reached, which according to an internet search turns out to be the hardest in the game, and solving it brought more joy than reading the words 'the end' upon completing the whole thing. This is where a sneaky trick must be used. The trick was discovered online after getting to what felt an impossible level. Initially this seemed like a glitch that shouldn't be used, because surely using a trick to get through a level is cheating, right? Yet as continued attempts proved fruitless, and frustration grew, the only way on to the next level was using the "cheat."

It isn't yet known if this is the correct way to complete the later levels or not. The exact method can be left for an internet search, but what the trick does, means the character can become invisible, and walk through previously solid objects, making it possible to get all boxes where they need to be. Sometimes this means the second player needs to be activated, which is controlled by the same controller, making it easy if a Nintendo Switch Lite is being used, or if the player doesn't have a second controller. This method requires dexterity that some gamers with physical limitations may be unable to do. It seems bizarre that a game is seemingly reliant on a cheat to progress through the levels, but it turns out to be part of the experience, then it is less a cheat and more a feature. However it is viewed, it is the only way all the levels could be completed for this review.

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Similar music and graphics throughout the game may not be the main selling point, but the increasing difficulty level, at times almost impossible, means Super Box Land Demake is a must play for all puzzle enthusiasts, yet another success for Ratalaika Games.




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