Takoway (iOS) Review

By David Lovato 18.08.2020

Review for Takoway on iOS

Takoway puts players in the shoes - make that tentacles - of an adorable red hexapus named Tako, who just wants to find her way home. Tako has a unique ability to phase through certain types of matter, allowing her to walk on or pass through specific kinds of walls, floors, and ceilings, depending on the perspective of the room. Every level has an escape portal, but various obstacles will be presented throughout the stage, and it's up to Tako to find her way to freedom.

Takoway is a puzzler based around visible perspective, inspired by the concept of the Necker cube, a 2D imagining of a 3D cube. Tako can switch between perspectives at will, revealing new pathways or hidden secrets. At the start of most areas, a new friend with a new ability will join the adventure, and these abilities will help move obstacles or clear paths to the escape portal.

Where most puzzle games ask players to find items or match patterns, Takoway is all about looking at the level, trying to work around the misleading perspective, and plotting a route to the finish. The addition of these friends makes it almost like prepping for a turn in chess; the consequences for a wrong move are much less dire, but this is a game that wants you to pause and think.

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The game is not overly challenging, and while it's a unique concept for a puzzle game, there isn't a lot in the way of gameplay that reaches above and beyond being just rock-solid. Where Takoway does go the extra mile is in the graphics and sound departments: smooth, adorable visuals accompany a pleasant soundtrack that serves to polish up what was already a very well-grounded game.

Swapping between perspectives will slightly alter the graphics and music, and the developer even made this change in real-time; moving the perspective slider a little bit will change the music a tad, while moving it a lot will change the music more noticeably. The story is told through cut-scenes that play like an interactive slideshow, and during these, facial expressions and the music help to convey emotion in lieu of speech or text on the part of the characters.

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Takoway is a unique puzzler with a fun soundtrack and colourful visuals that rival any of today's major children's films, and the use of so many silent protagonists was an interesting choice that pays off. The way the characters look and interact helps to carry the story, which is fitting for a game that's all about watching, learning, and perspective. The way the perspective slider alters the graphics and music was a stroke of genius, and all told, this is a laid-back, well-polished, but also somewhat forgettable, puzzle game.




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