The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (Xbox One) Review

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 21.09.2020

Review for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters on Xbox One

The Coma is a unique exploratory horror game series made by Korean Developer Devspresso Games. The first game was released back in 2015 on PC as The Coma: Cutting Class which was delisted when the improved Recut version was released. Unfortunately, it seems the first game has all but vanished with the sequel's release, leading to much wonder if Devspresso will make it available again. It did fairly well with both critics and fans, and the series garnering enough attention for a sequel. The sequel, The Coma 2: Twisted Sisters, was released for Xbox One during 2020. Let's brace for some creeping horror.

Creeping footsteps in the corridor, crunching, squelching, wriggling and writhing… roaming the school, police station and the town in this game is a frightening experience. The story picks up right where the first game ends. Protagonist Mina Park is late for school but let off without punishment as she's the star pupil. After a bit of exploring and character introductions to fill in her backstory she is stranded in 'the Coma'. This world is a twisted version of reality with weird monsters, creeping Lovecraftian vines and even a monster that mimics the main character's teacher. This premise is set up marvellously and presented with some real style. The entire story is full of intrigue and paced to feed players just enough information to keep everything shrouded in mystery.

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Gameplay is set up the same way as the first game. Presented as a 2D adventure game, players need to guide the protagonist through a variety of environments. These are all grounded in reality with multiple floors and a degree of depth with plenty of rooms off of the main corridors. These areas are littered with interactive points like notes left by those who came before the protagonist as well as various obstacles such as bizarre plant growths, broken scenery, locked doors and monsters. Interactions are usually handled by holding down the A button, this interaction can be interrupted if the player happens to get hit and it also adds some tension when hopping into a hiding spot. The game uses a rudimentary inventory and vending machine system for item purchasing. From snacks for health to bandages for stopping bleeding, there is a fairly large variety to choose from. This is supplemented by the limited ability to craft some items by collecting parts as well as finding items in the environment. Additionally, the player is given a lighter to illuminate the environments. While this is handy for finding items, it can draw in danger.

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When dealing with danger the protagonist has a few abilities, most importantly, but not limited to, running and evading. Running is a fast but loud way to get around, it does not avoid hazards and can lead to a swift defeat through drained stamina. Evading drains stamina in a block but usually allows to pass through danger and avoid traps. Evading draining the stamina is a nice trade off to stop players from spamming it. Stamina is an important resource to manage as, if hiding from a monster, quick time events are significantly harder to win when the stamina bar is in the danger zone. The main monster itself, at least to begin with, stalks the halls of the police station listening for the protagonist. Its clip-clopping high-heeled footsteps become an anthem of dread. When spotted, the only option is to run and hide. Not only is this sudden and tense but hiding is in itself a mini-game. It is exhilarating for sure. This is coupled with a perma-damage system where if unprepared, players can lose chunks of their health bar gradually making the game more difficult and punishing players who aren't careful and methodical in the face of challenges.

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This title spends some time building an atmosphere, developing characters and generally doing both visual and literal story telling. Everything is presented in a Korean Manhwa (Korean manga) style, even the cutscenes are short, snappy and clear events that benefit from this clean art style. Music and atmospheric sound are excellent both for atmosphere building and just generally being freaky. It feels similar to the theme of the first game with an underlying, deeply insinuated narrative of Korean systems.

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The Coma 2: Twisted Sisters does so much right that it is scary in its own right. As with the game that preceded it, this sequel elevates all of the individual elements that made the prequel feel special. With strong design, systems and an intriguing story, this title will be hard to put down. Heartily recommended for the strong of heart and those who want a very unique and tailored horror game. With stakes this high, it is a truly heart stopping experience: dead good.


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