Worm Jazz (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Jenny Geist 10.11.2020

Review for Worm Jazz on Nintendo Switch

Worm Jazz is exactly what the title suggests and more. A lonely little worm wanders through a maze, collecting orbs to extend its length until it reaches a goal, all while some relaxing jazz music plays in the background. No context or story is needed for this Snake-esque puzzler, all developed by a group of four people from the team at Inconspicuous Creations. Does this Nintendo Switch game succeed at its humble aspirations, or should it be left in the dirt?

Each level follows the same structure, spawning the worm in a small, gridded maze. The objective is to reach the goal while collecting as many orbs as possible, with the twist that collecting orbs extends the length of the worm's body. Most of the puzzles are built around this concept, requiring players to carefully slither through a course without being trapped by their own trail of movement.

Fortunately, the puzzles are short and can be cleared in quick succession, creating an addictive gameplay loop. Coupled with the soothing jazz tunes and a simplistic art style, Worm Jazz is almost therapeutic. There are rarely any roadblocks preventing relaxation; entering and exiting levels never takes more than a second, mistakes can easily be corrected with the undo feature, and there's no time limit whatsoever. If a level is too tricky to complete, it can be skipped in favour of trying many of the other puzzles spread across the world map. Collecting every orb isn't even required to finish most levels, as the only perk for doing so is a three-star rating. Overall, casual puzzle fans won't have to worry about their progress being halted at any point.

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On the other side of the spectrum, hardcore puzzle fans have their work cut out for them. While there are only around 50 levels, achieving three-stars on all of them can require some real thought and dedication. As early as the sixth level, there are some delightfully mind-boggling collectibles that require very precise movement to obtain. For those who enjoy the challenge, figuring out the correct path and then grabbing everything in one fell swoop is a very satisfying feeling. Hardcore puzzle fans will find themselves with several hours of content as they venture through the world map to 100% complete each stage.

There are over 50 puzzles included, all spread out across three visually and musically distinct areas. Each one introduces a new mechanic to freshen up the gameplay, including explosives that can clear through walls, wormholes that allow for warping around the stage, and pebbles that can be rolled around. These concepts do mix up the design a little bit, but the three listed here are the only additional ones featured. By the last few levels in each area, these gimmicks will likely lose some of their lustre due to this lack of variety. While not a dealbreaker, by any means, a few more additional mechanics could have prevented this type of fatigue from setting in.

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Worm Jazz isn't an ambitious or largescale title. There's not a large amount of levels, there's no story or context to the gameplay, and there's only a handful of different mechanics, overall. However, it still succeeds in what it sets out to do; the levels are delightfully fun to squirm through, collecting everything requires some real puzzle expertise, and, most of all, the jazz score is simply entrancing. For its price, Worm Jazz on Nintendo Switch is very good value for fans of the puzzle genre, or for anyone seeking a relaxing way to spend a few hours.


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