The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luke Hemming 27.11.2020 1

Review for The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon on PlayStation 4

A welcome surprise over the past few months has been The Outer Worlds, capturing a lot of the initial wonder that made early Fallout titles so great, and offering hours of enjoyable space faring. Enough time has passed to allow players to squeeze every bit of planetary juice out of the galactic lemon, and delve back in with Peril on Gorgon, the first DLC available. Is it worth the trip? Cubed3 blasts off into uncharted territory to find out.

With the initial offering, a multitude of different play styles could be catered for, as well as different morality choices, allowing for a wealth of replayability. Multiple play-throughs were encouraged, with a wildly different outcome over some of even the smallest details. Once a play-through was done however, that was it. No more second chances, the adventure would end, and those choices were locked in. Perils of Gorgon stays true to this fact, by interweaving the DLC into the main story, meaning players that are beginning their journey are going to have to progress to the quest 'Radio Free Monarch;' not the last, but certainly nowhere near the first.

The Outer Worlds has been out long enough that this shouldn't be an issue to seasoned veterans - however if heading towards that point, it may be worth adding an extra save point in to ensure that the DLC can be easily accessed. If the type of player that saves rarely on one slot, a full run may be required again. An easy workaround could have been allowing the DLC to be accessed from the main title screen, but astro beggars can't be choosers.

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Perils of Gorgon begins with a simple parcel delivery mission. The cargo isn't exactly what you would expect, unless used to the title's warped but enjoyable sense of dark humour. From there it is time to head out and explore the world of Gorgon, discovering some possibly unsafe practices from government led Spacer's Choice.

Gorgon doesn't reach the grand scale of, say, Monarch, but has more than enough girth to allow for some serious exploration. It is worth not leaving the main story to go begging however, as a lot of the larger, more spectacular locales are locked out until certain aspects of the storyline are completed. Fast travel points are also unlocked around the map too, which also allow for easier transitions between landmarks.

Level caps have now been increased from 30 to 33, however with such a small jump the difference seems negligible. It does however give that slight edge to deal with some of the newer enemies plaguing the wasteland (or is it spaceland?), as well as allowing a small amount of wiggle room to switch character builds and play styles. Speaking of new enemies, there's a wealth of them to test out some of the newly introduced, and always fun science equipment on, however they are all variations on a similar theme. After an expansive search, there didn't seem to be too many wholly new designed antagonists, mainly bigger, badder versions of already familiar foes. Not a massive issue, although in future DLC it would be nice to see some more innovation.

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Rated 7 out of 10

Peril on Gorgon is a welcome addition to an already great game, that provides some solid, seven/eight hour-long adventuring for anyone wishing to dive back into some silly space jaunts. A meaty main story filled with gut-wrenching moral choices, fits very snugly into the already developed world. The most fun to be had however, as with the main experience, are the side quests. Getting to know Gorgon's bizarre inhabitants really develops the world, and every personality encourages missions to be completed to their fullest. A great start to hopefully a lot of DLC to come.


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Brian Gutenberg (guest) 11.12.2020#1

Outer is Like ALIENS - in an Northern Hemisphere Setting
IN Space Planet / Steam - IS A Better Option
Since / It Has A Mouse / instead of a difficult 
AXIS - Controller / yet - Lounge on PS 4

If You Can - Handle / No Mouse SPORT
Quite an Artistic Game - Both City & Country

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