Evoland Legendary Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 09.12.2020

Review for Evoland Legendary Edition on Nintendo Switch

Evoland Legendary Edition contains both Evoland and Evoland 2 for players to enjoy from Shiro Games. These are Adventures/RPGs that take players on a journey through the history of video games, how they evolved from simple 2D affairs with 8 and 16 bits and basic moves, to three dimensions and maps with more complex actions, all in the tale of a single title.

The first Evoland game is a delight to play. By constantly upgrading the graphics and abilities of the protagonist, it shows players what video games were like in the past, which is important for those who are new to gaming, or simply weren't born in the earlier days of the industry' history. This unique approach makes this, somewhat predictable RPG plot nostalgic to play for those who experienced those changes in their lifetimes. For newcomers, it shows how far the evolution of games has come within a few decades.

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Every element is explained to the player, from how to move, how to fight, and use menus; the transition between illustration styles is smooth; the plentiful humour and nods to various titles makes Evoland even more exciting to play if you have a bit of knowledge about gaming history - those who have less, though, will still enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Evoland 2 was not as fun to play. There was not the same impact as the original's unique style, despite it being present. After continually failing to make progress in a platforming-heavy level, it may prove too hard to complete this, earning it an unofficial title of 'Eviland.'

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The price of Evoland Legendary Edition is worth it for the first game alone, which is legendary in its own right. Mileage on the second one may vary depending on a player's tolerance for frustration if they are not so good at platformers. With over eight hours spent completing the first game and six hours attempting the second there, is a lot of fun to be had in this special edition, which is the only way to get both titles on the Nintendo Switch.






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