Strawberry Vinegar (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 09.12.2020

Review for Strawberry Vinegar on Nintendo Switch

Ratalaika Games is responsible for publishing the super cute, full of delicious food temptation yuri visual novel Strawberry Vinegar by Ebi-hime. Rie is an ordinary, yet really unhappy girl. She is annoyed to have her life turned upside down by the demon girl Licia, who steals some cookies and threatens to take Rie to hell unless she is fed delicious food every day baked by Rie's own hands. In the wonderful way that only happens in visual novels and anime, Rie's parents accept Licia as being from another country, and treat her as a second daughter. Rie initially wants to avoid going to hell, but friendship between the two girls grows, and Rie becomes saddened at the thought of Licia leaving.

Nearly everything about this game is charming, apart from Licia's reason for demanding daily cooked goods from Rie is not from kindness… but just look at the outfits the girls wear! They are Lolita-style fashion, frilly and charming. They wear several outfits through the visual novel, which make it hard to pick a favourite. The menu styles are bright pink, which somehow works with the pastel theme.

Then there are all the food pictures, which seem to almost sparkle with yumminess, and the descriptions of the dishes make them even more appetising! There should be a real life dare to play this game without wanting to eat at least one of the delicious treats used to satisfy Licia. Minor flaw: occasionally, the colours of the characters' names are not always easy to see depending on the scene, but with only a few characters in the tale, it isn't difficult to keep track of them.

Screenshot for Strawberry Vinegar on Nintendo Switch

Rie isn't the easiest character to like. Her nature is prickly, but thanks to Licia's appearance she slowly learns to be kind to people, her parents, and her classmates. Everyone adores Licia, thinking she is from abroad, so happily accept her horns as a weird fashion style. Rie works hard to keep people finding out the truth about Licia, and is determined to get rid of her, but Licia eventually works her way into her heart. Licia's family do pop in to visit and check up on Licia, and they help her make a decision that changes her life and Rie's.

The yuri element enhances the plot, and is realistic of some relationships in that Licia and Rie become good friends as children, and then when they are older that relationship blooms into something more special. Love evolves from deep friendships, and Rie discovers just how much she likes Licia as the days of that fateful week pass, and it gets closer to Licia going away. All that can be said, is that the ending is very happy. There are multiple endings, but somehow a positive one was found during the first time playing the game for this review.

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Telling a tale as sweet as its graphics, the aptly named Strawberry Vinegar is a positivity-boosting read, with food and friendship at its core. Living with a demon is far from easy, but Rie learns to live with, and even like her, and ends up playing a special role in her life that changes it for the better.




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