Hitman 3 (Xbox Series X/S) Review

By Luke Hemming 19.01.2021 4

Review for Hitman 3 on Xbox Series X/S

Agent 47 wraps up all loose ends in a tight package of explosive set pieces, shady dealings and delicious disguises. With the final game in the trilogy, does Hitman 3 manage to stick the landing as well as catering to the graphic hungry new console investors? With a clear jump in graphical finesse as well as maintaining the same addictive and most importantly, fun gameplay, it'sfair to say that with the latest release, 47 kills it.

From the opening mission its clear that IO Interactive has taken full advantage of all of the next-gen hardware available to them and are eager to show itoffas soon as possible. A fantastic setting of a skyscraper inspired by the real-life Burj Khalifabrings out the best the Series X has to offer,with sunlit glass floors and water realistically reflecting the beauty of the surrounding area. It's frankly spectacular and anyone would be forgiven for thinking that this locale would not be an honest representation of the open expanses of other missions.It's a pleasure then to see that after a full playthrough, all locations 47 applies his craft to look fantastic and ensure that re-treading the boards of these areas are just as fulfilling as previous games, with the added flair of superior lighting and visuals.

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When it comes down to it, experimentation is and always has been, the crutch of Hitman 3. Those expecting any major difference in gameplay and presentation are barking up the wrong Agency here (If any players are looking for that, they're also wrong). Menus, mechanics and controls are essentially identical to previous titles, allowing manual and quick saving throughout any contract in case that subtle thought-out hit turns into the inevitable bloodbath. With insurmountable oddsfor47 and Co, a control scheme that maintains the same standards already set is a welcome one. Quick thinking and just as quick taps of the correct button are essential to ensure those lethal items are dropped in a conveniently placed bush before a frisking. That isn't to say there isn't anything new here and a trained killer is only as good as the tools at his disposal, the best of the bunch being the implementation of the digital camera (yes it sounds boring but keep reading). Not only does the soul capturing boxopen up the Hitman franchise to the Next-Gen (is itcurrent gen yet?) standard of a Photo Mode, (albeit a scaled down version from some other big titles) but by focusing on particular objects and NPC's, new storyline pathways and routes around the map can be unlocked. Some of these pathways such as a locked door or ladder will also be unlocked permanently for any later playthroughs if found.

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mission reveal and it's a treat to stumble across a brief conversation, following through on a tip and then seeing where the final outcome will lead. What often seems like a simple story thread often branches off into some innovative and often ridiculous territory. Each mission is meant to be savoured and there is a wealth of gameplay options available to take advantage of that fact.Jumping back in and trying a new strategy has always been a treat however it has been marred in the past by the limitations of the hardware in terms of loading. No such issue with the next gen versions. Your Billy Corgan cosplayer is ready to go at a moment's noticewith almost instantaneous save and load states. It's hard to imagine how this was ever not the norm and really enhances the experience. With practically no punishment for a quick reload, every contract can be executed to perfection and if something far less delicate takes your fancy, that is ready and waiting too (although with no waiting, at all).

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As this is a Series X review, no comment can be made on the PlayStation VR mode that will be supported at launch. What has been confirmed however is that all 20+ locations from the trilogy will be fully supported. Certainly,a tantalising prospect for any Sony fans and judging by previous trailers, a fantastic addition.Very fewnegative comments can be made here, with a great all-round package on offer. This is the definitive Hitman experience and even if new to the series, is a worthwhile pickup that will open up doors of interest in the previous offerings.If there was one thread to pull at,the only noticeable gripe would be the cutscenes played out between missions. A petty point if anything, but with such a high quality in the detail of the gameplay environments, the pre-rendered reels seem a little flat in comparison.

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Hitman 3 succeeds in every respect by being a fantastic ending to an already great series. It's also a joy to see that IO Interactive ensured players would be able to slip right back into the shoes of a veteran killer,but didn't rest on their laurels by not offering anything new. Although the touches of permanent shortcuts and new gadgets may seem small, once implemented it's hard to imagine playing without them as they integrate seamlessly into mission stories. Add to that the same freedom to approach a hit that the series is famous for, as well as ensuring every playground looks absolutely stunning and its clear that even without good friends, Agent 47 really does find the perfect blend.


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This looks so dope - I only recently got into the series and am playing through Hitman 2 at the minute. What an experience. Can't wait to try this. Great review!

Great review Luke! You've got me more excited for this game than I already was!

Really glad you both enjoyed the review! Juzzy i'm a relative newcomer also and am having a blast with this chapter. Thanks both for the positive comments, much appreciated!

( Edited 21.01.2021 14:19 by lukezeppo )


I really want this! Might grab it on PS4 so I can have fun with the VR mode!

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