Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Luke Hemming 27.01.2021

Review for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid  on Nintendo Switch

As a lifelong lover of all things spandex and dinosaur related, Power Rangers was an obsession to this reviewer and to a large extent, still is. Interest was piqued when Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was released initially in early 2019. Although it seemed there was a competent fighter lurking in its depths, it was marred by minimal stages, as well as lack a fleshed out single player mode and characters, many of which would never be considered fan favourites. Now in 2020, after countless upgrades and updates, has this fighter reached the level of greatness that was first promised? The answer is a resounding 'Morphinomenal' yes!

Battle for the grid focused firmly on its combat from the outset, and it set out to make a competitive 3v3 fighter in the veins of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Any three rangers or Ranger antagonists can be selected and switched out at will as the match progresses. Megazords throughout ranger history can also be called as an assist (usually in the form of a large foot) to level the playing field if one character has been KO'ed.

For all its initial shortcomings, the combat in battles has always been one of the main strengths since its initial release. Although Battle for the Grid is never going to be as highly regarded in the fighter elite community as something like Street Fighter or Smash Bros, there is a deep level of thought put into the combat system. Any beginner can pick up and play, however investing the time to learn every intricate detail can often lead to infinite juggling combos and a real sense of satisfaction when beating the snot out of Eric. (Eric sucks, that's not even a real T-Rex he's piloting.) Depth is the name of the game and it's well worth investing the effort with your favourite spandex superhero.

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Speaking of heroes, with all of the updates and seasons passes that have been released over the last 18 months, it's more than likely one of the available roster is going to suit both nostalgic needs and fighting style preference. The ranger roster has increased from the initial ten fighters (a lot of which will be unfamiliar to casual viewers) to some iconic heroes and villains throughout all Ranger history. From MMPR to the recent underrated movie outing, with a stop off at Megaforce (ugh) on the way. Currently the character roster stands at 20 characters catering for the agiles, the all-rounders, and the tanks. At present the latest season 3 pass has so far added Shiba, the female Red Samurai Ranger, as well as the greatest character in Ranger history, RJ (Tassles on a Ranger suit, amazing). With original antagonist Scorpina to come, the roster looks like it's going to be satisfying and exciting for months to come.

Developers at nWay have also addressed the issue of single-player with a story mode based on the fantastic Boom! Studios comic book series. It weaves an epic tale of multiverses and Ranger armies, led by fallen Ranger Lord Drakkon. In reality, Tommy Oliver if in his dimension he never chose to leave the dark side of the Morphing Grid. Each battle is accompanied by some quick dialogue to flesh out the story and cutscenes, mirroring the fantastic artwork of the current comic run.

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It's an epic adventure that will not only satisfy long time readers, but is also well worth the time for anyone who is curious to see just how bad things could have gotten if Jason didn't get that lucky shot throwing the Power Sword at the Sword of Darkness. The re-telling is done well and it might be the biggest draw of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, especially considering the Shattered Grid storyline has introduced some fantastic playable characters in Drakkon and devout follower Ranger Slayer.

All characters can be taken online in ranked and unranked matches, although initially there were some connection issues and dropped matches, lag etc. Recently playing has shown that these have all been addressed and very little issues occurred when playing at the time this review was completed, other than getting absolutely battered by Udonna.

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As an early adopter of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, it's a delight to see nWay listening to the initial issues and addressing them as thoroughly as they have. Rosters and stages have increased exponentially and by focusing firmly on the Shattered Grid storyline of the comics, have created a fanboys dream in terms of a story mode. Mostly all series are represented here and with game expansions and updates being added constantly, if your favourite isn't there, rest assured they are coming. Fans are also being consulted on next additions which is really appreciated. At its core, there has always been an in-depth well crafted fighting game on offer, but now with all the bells and whistles raising it to a real contender for the fighting game throne. This has got the power.









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