Inbento (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 10.02.2021

Review for Inbento on Nintendo Switch

Love cats? Love puzzles? Love Japanese bentos? If yes to all three questions then Inbento by Afterburn and 7 Levels is a must have game in your Switch library. With over a hundred beautiful bentos to make, there are hours of fun to be had!

Inbento takes a classic puzzle concept and gives it a typically Japanese-themed twist of creating bento boxes. Level completion involves moving the bento squares around to match the complete version. There are a variety of moves used to change the squares that are seamlessly introduced into the game, then made harder with other moves added into the next few puzzles.
Gameplay reveals a cat family in a human-like world, with struggles and triumphs depicted in elegantly illustrated scenes that are mostly a reward for completing a level of the game. The scenes can easily be seen again in the form of still illustrations from the title screen, and individual puzzles can be replayed at any point too. Game progression is about completing the puzzles in a given level, but a few puzzles in each level can remain unsolved and the next level will still be unlocked. This allows game progression to continue despite the increased difficulty of the last few puzzles in a level, perfect for those with a lower puzzle skill ability.

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What makes the game tricky is that only a handful of moves can be made to complete the puzzle. Be prepared for failing a lot; all the options presented for a puzzle have to be used. One can't be left out or ignored, every single one has to be used somehow. The final order may seem illogical, but the moment of successfully completing a level brings a high level of satisfaction. There are no hints for the puzzles but taking breaks from a difficult one can result in success in a separate gaming session.

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Rated 9 out of 10

Part of Inbento's appeal is the strong cat theme, which matched with cute puzzles to solve, makes it a good fit for the Nintendo Switch. The desire to find out what happens to the cat characters is motivation when facing a tough puzzle that seems unsolvable. The limited number of moves is not as limiting as it sounds because there is no limit to how many times the puzzle can be attempted, nor are there time limits, making it easy to dip in and out.









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