World End Syndrome (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 11.02.2021

Review for World End Syndrome on Nintendo Switch

Using the classic start of waking up on a train with a stranger speaking to the unnamed protagonist, [iWorld End Syndrome[/i] from Toybox is set in an idyllic looking town that has a hidden side to it; a demon called Yomibito appears every one hundred years to kill and cause chaos. Life at the high school has never been so deadly, nor exciting, with a movie being filmed locally with a famous young actress. Roped into joining a mystery club with other students, the race is on for the protagonist to unravel all the mysteries and to stop people from vanishing.

Yes, it is entirely likely the player will end up dying at some point in the game, resulting in a restart from a save file and attempting to make different choices to avoid the same fate. World End Syndrome has a high age rating for good reason, there is gore involved and the horror parts are grippingly awful to read and watch. Text seen before can be skipped over, but rereading it does no harm and helps the player try and figure out which option is pivotal into staying alive.

Visual novels are all about making choices. There are a few more choices than other VNs in Wolrd End Syndrome, in that the player can choose what the character does next, whether they go out with another character to a particular place, go home, or do something else entirely. There's an area in town the locals are afraid of, yet others are drawn to for an untold reason, and that's not the only mystery needing solving. All the characters have their own part to play in the mysterious goings on, appearing in places that few go to, adding more questions for the player. The intrigue of the plot matches well with the eye-pleasing scenery and character design which has a distinct anime style.

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There are a few collectables to collect in the story, plenty of cute pictures of the cast to unlock which depends on which story options are taken. At any time the map can be viewed and the status of character can be checked. Without spoiling any detail, this is a semi-important part of the game as it can influence particular elements, but is not vital to understanding what is going on in the story. There are missions to fulfil where characters ask the protagonist to go to a set place at a set time; it is not always clearly stated where the meet up takes place. Clues are given and it's up to the player to figure out where to go, making frequent saves entirely necessary to allow backtracking if the wrong place is chosen as the characters involved will not wait for the protagonist to catch, as good friends would.

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There is almost nothing to dislike about World End Syndrome. It looks and plays beautifully with a variety of shocking plot twists added among some well-known anime tropes which are comforting to read in a visual novel whose plot is definitely not cute and fluffy. It doesn't matter that, like all visual novels, scenes are reused over and over. The plot is so engaging that the repetitive nature isn't an issue, nor is having to load an earlier save when a wrong choice is made and the main character is brutally murdered. For those more easily scared it is advisable not to play this game in the dark, as ordinary night noise morphs into a death seeking being whose badness is not as clear cut as it seems. To get one hundred percent completion, several playthroughs will be necessary, yet each character is likeable enough that replaying it isn't a chore, not when more truths will be revealed by doing so.




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