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The Incredible Hulk (Wii) Review

Any videogame based on the mean, green, gym-addicted killing machine has a huge amount of potential. Whilst he might not be the best creation of Marvel Comics he's still a pretty cool excuse to go around smashing things and generally causing a whole load of havoc. Consequentially, developers Edge of Reality have taken the bold approach to set the game in the sandbox environment of a massive, sprawling New York City. Imagine our delight, then, when we turned on this game only to find that we had to check we hadn't booted up our N64 by accident.

Oh yes, this game sure is an 'interesting' attempt at 'next-gen'. New York City itself is massive, which is great, but you can only ever see about one street in front of you. For some reason a thick Beijing-style fog has befallen the poor people of NYC making it almost impossible to see anything beyond your face. Buildings randomly pop out of the ether and flicker to and from view before finally becoming a permanent fixture on the skyline. And it gets worse. Walk up to a building and you'll see it is constructed with lots of horrible blocky lines with all the texture definition and detail of a very poorly designed N64 game. The saving grace is that you can knock down just about any building in the entire city, so then you'll just be surrounded by a very big, flat, foggy wasteland. Yes, the city is big, but so was the environment in GTA III on the PS2 and that still looked pretty damn hot.

If you can manage to peer past the fog you'll find a pretty standard 'punch stuff, punch more stuff and punch big stuff' game. You start off with a nice little tutorial in Alaska which involves you punching stuff and being all Hulky. Here you're interested to the rather clunky controls that plague the Wii version from start to finish. Yes, you guessed it, wiggle. Shake the nunchuk and press buttons on the Wii-mote and Hulk will smash, crash, bash and probably even flash if you do it for long enough. It all gets rather repetitive. Our main problem isn't with the rubbish control system, but more with the execution. It is extremely unresponsive meaning you'll be sitting there waving the nunchuk around only for poor old Hulk to just stand there looking bored. We reckon it works out what you're doing just over half the time and for the other half simply doesn't pick up your movements.

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After this training mission the game opens up into the vast (but foggy) world of NYC. You can take on a new mission whenever you please or simply run around admiring the lack of scenery. We particularly like how terrible Time Square looks. You can travel around the city on the Subway system, which is rather clever but also a bit does Hulk fit on a tube train and does he sit down when he gets on? The mind boggles. The main missions range from protection to destruction and a bit of running around finding stuff too. You battle against the Enclave, a group of evil scientists hellbent on doing lots of evil stuff. As the game progresses the missions remain pretty much the same but enemies get bigger, take more punching and erm...not much else. In this game, everything is solved with frantic wiggling of your arms and negligible use of your noodle. If you fancy battling the army you can punch lots of stuff and annoy people and, like the police in GTA they'll come running...and shooting.

To start a mission you simply walk up to a highlighted zone and you'll be off and away. The better you do the more 'Feats' you unlock which in turn give Hulk new and improved abilities and moves. The main game itself really doesn't take long to complete, but if you want to make Hulk all singing, all dancing and all smashing then at least the option is open to you.

Much like the visual impact of this game, the audio is the equivalent of someone farting right into your ear. Unpleasant. The voice acting, although using film actors, is lazy and pretty lacking in any sort of emotion and the soundtrack is so boring and unnoticeable that we just had to boot up the game again to remind us what it is. Needless to say, it isn't worth mentioning any further. Chuck in a camera that you have to move yourself by holding the minus button and actually pointing the Wii-mote and you have a gaming experience that is unremarkable, clunky and really poorly executed.

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It does show some promise, it just never executes anything all that well. The controls on the Wii are clunky and confusing which makes the whole game a bit of a chore to play. Whilst the sandbox environment is pretty decent in its idea, the poor graphics and lack if anything much to do is a disappointment. Missions are repetitive and the whole game just feels soulless. Jumping about and smashing stuff can only take a game like this so far.


Blocky is the new vogue. Terrible, terrible graphics, even for a Wii game. When you look at other (good) offerings on the market for this fine console you realise that good graphics are possible. Foggy cities and ludicrous pop-ups are not necessary. The city has about 10 people populating it and cars are a rarity at times. We could go on...


Rubbish. The voice acting is never convincing and the sound effects are just plain annoying. The soundtrack to the whole thing is a bit of a pain in the arse too.


The main game doesn't last all that long, but smashing up New York City and wreaking havoc all over the shop could keep you entertained for quite a while. It's just all so badly made that it totally fails to justify you paying for it.

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When you jump into the water in Central Park as Hulk you are (somewhat randomly) thrown back out of it to the exact same place at the start of the water every single time. Surely Hulk can swim...or at least thrash about a bit. This is why this game is rubbish. It takes the sandbox idea and it ruins it with terrible execution. The graphics are horrific, the sound is almost as bad and the whole title is just shoddy and lacking in any intelligence and care. Quite obviously rushed through development in order to come onto the market at the same time as the film, this is sure to be another movie-to-game bargain bin dweller in a few weeks.

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Erk, doesn't sound too good at all...a shame we can't get another one on the same level as Ultimate Destruction. Cheers James. Smilie

This game sounds incredibly aweful.

Rush job movie cash in games make me sad for the children who paid what little pocket money they have for them. Smilie

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

mOojc said:
This game sounds incredibly aweful.

Aweful? Is it Euro grammar or are you saying it sounds good?

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