Tekken 7: Season Pass 4 (PlayStation 4) Review

By Az Elias 24.03.2021

Review for Tekken 7: Season Pass 4 on PlayStation 4

Tekken 7 (PS4 review; PC review) has been one of the more successful fighting games of last generation's consoles, evident by the continued season passes that have introduced new characters and stages to the fray since its 2017 launch. This fourth one runs a little cheaper than previous packs, but does it make for good value?

Tekken 7's season passes have been a bit unbalanced in terms of each one's content, with the first adding two characters, the second bringing a whopping six, the third introducing four more, and this here fourth pack dropping down to delivering two combatants. Each bundle's content is reflected in its price, though, and Season Pass 4, at £11.99, is the cheapest of the lot (aside from when the previous passes go on sale, which they often do).

They may only be two, but what a pair of fighters they are! Tekken 7 has severely lacked in its ratio of female to male characters, and even after a wealth of DLC, that is still the case, with over double the number of men as there are women, but despite that, the quality of these two debutants is enough to soften that blow.

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First up is Kunimitsu - or, rather, the original Kunimitsu's daughter, who takes up the title her mother once used in earlier games in the series. This fox mask-wearing ninja thief has been trained in the same fighting style and continues her mother's goal of stealing the sword carried by Yoshimitsu.

An agile and flashy fighter, Kunimitsu specialises in close combat, and evokes a Kasumi from Dead or Alive aura, what with her nimble somersaults and evasive manoeuvres, as well as her ability to teleport. Unlike the DOA kunoichi, however, Kunimitsu incorporates her sword into her arena battles, showcasing a deadlier approach.

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The second and last character is Lidia Sobieska, the prime minister of Poland. Yes, this young politician enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to settle a matter of conflict with Heihachi Mishima, who refuses to withdraw his Tekken Force army from her country. A trained expert in karate, Lidia has no qualms accepting the invitation to enter the competition and proposing her objections to him directly.

Lidia is more hands-on than Kunimitsu, not relying on weapons at all, and the result is an extremely gratifying combatant to use. Cut out in her white gi, with the jacket wrapped around her waist, and a cool, red sports top, Lidia not only looks the part, but has a satisfyingly powerful range of moves. Her weighty punches and kicks deliver devastating blows, and her numerous stances allow for a host of mix-ups that can bait and throw opponents off to beneficial effect.

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Thankfully, this isn't all Season Pass 4 has to offer, with two new stages in the form of Vermilion Gates and Island Paradise increasing the choice of battlefields available to duke it out on. With its purple and orange hues, cherry blossom trees and waterfalls, the former is a gorgeous arena, with the Red Pagoda and Mount Fuji lining the background under the setting sun. This scenic locale turns to night in the final rounds, as the full moon and stars shine down on the fighters, with a second level reachable if able to smash an opponent through one side of the gates.

Island Paradise features a purpose-built fighting arena on the seafront, surrounded by swimming pools, palm trees, people in bathing suits, holiday yachts, and the luxurious apartments of the isle in the background. This glass-floor stage moves to the sandy beach if one fighter is sent flying through the balcony, bringing players closer to the sea, and making for a beautiful fight once the sun starts setting for match point.

As a small extra, some Pac-Man-themed customisation items have been included in this bundle, consisting of a t-shirt and cutesy accessories featuring the enemy ghosts and yellow mascot himself, which float around the character that has them equipped in battle. Some player customisables include health bars, panels, and plates.

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Although only two characters strong, this pass looks to further balance the ratio of females to males, where Tekken 7 is still severely lacking. Kunimitsu and Lidia are excellent additions to the line-up, however, with two massively satisfying combat styles that both look and feel awesome to play. The stages add more variety to the choice of arenas, but although the price reflects the limited amount of content that is included in Season Pass 4, it is unfortunate that there isn't much more to shout about.


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