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By Nayu 21.06.2021 2

Review for Hide and Dance on Nintendo Switch

Rhythm games are known for being easy to get into, yet tricky to master. Diverging from their usual JRPG varieties, KEMCO together with hap inc's Hide and Dance, is perfect for on-the-go fun on Nintendo Switch. Keep up with the rhythm, but on the first sight of that room door opening, stop dancing to avoid being caught by family members, or it is game over.

Do not be fooled by the simple design and game play method. Hide and Dance will take a lots of practice to last on the toughest difficulty setting. Starting off as a daughter, the aim is to keep up with the music and be sure to hide whenever a family member opens the door and checks in on her. The instructions are clear, and, depending on the difficulty chosen, the songs themselves are easy to follow. If the buttons to avoid detection are not pressed in time it is instant game over for that song.

The - mostly pop-themed - 20 tracks are catchy, making it too easy for players to get so involved in the song that they forget to keep an eye out for the scrutinising family member. When a song is successfully completed coins are earned which can be used in a gacha-style shop that will unlock new characters to play as, new songs, and even an option to control the speed of the notes, as well as stop the family from interrupting songs.

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Family members have their own style of dancing, which provides plenty of laughs, and individual methods of pretending not to be dancing. There are also non-human characters to unlock, which are just as funny to watch. The cat has an unusual friend who also longs to dance, providing a great surprise when first unlocked.

This makes failure very clear with a multitude of text phrases on the scene, providing humour to ease the disappointment from losing. There are a surprising number of fun ways that characters hide from their family, from ordinary activities like doing homework, or sleeping, to more unusual activities such as hiding in a bookcase or grandfather clock. The poses taken vary on which character is used: initially only the daughter is available, with her mother, grandfather, brother, and cat all trying to catch her out. Quite why dancing is so forbidden is a mystery - perhaps it is seen as frivolous, taking up precious time for studying or helping with chores.

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As a relatively short game that can be dived into and out of slower than the character's ability to be caught dancing, Hide and Dance is a winner of a rhythm game not just for the fun songs but for the immense amount of laughs it brings. The brevity of gameplay may not be for all, nor is the small selection of songs compared to other rhythm games, but the originality of this new title from KEMCO makes snatching a song or two something that will liven up anyone's day.


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I have to admit to really loving this one - it's short, sharp, but oh-so-addictive and fun! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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I'm pleased you are enjoying it. Have you unlocked all the songs and characters? The fly cracked me up!

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