A Token War (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 20.08.2021

Review for A Token War on PC

Developed and published by a company called Uproom Games, A Token War is a simple tactical title, where players move tokens across a small board, trying to take out the headquarters of the other players. As they progress through the campaign, they will choose various upgrades and spells, allowing different kinds of builds, as they try to conquer an entire continent.

This does not style itself as graphically intense, as the game literally uses tokens to represent its units on a simple chess board. There are a host of different units that eventually become able to be utilized, so even though most of the units are very simple such as '1 attack, 2 life, 1 move,' it gets complicated quick. Add things like spells, structures and so on, and the once simple gameplay spirals into complex fairly quickly.

The basics are interesting enough. Players start with a home tile that if lost the match is over, and from there each one gets different units placed across the map while they move them using only two actions a turn. The two actions is a key part of the game, where a player can pick a single unit to move and then attack, or move two different units. Each map usually gives a choice of permanent bonuses, such as +1 life to units, extra range, recharge spells, and so on - it's by far one of the more interesting aspects of A Token War.

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The issue is this title ultimately is pretty basic, and for a challenge the computer uses an incredibly cheap strategy, often reliant entirely on the unfair setup of the map. Frequently, these are things where the computer starts with multiple buffs, on advantaged terrain, and using ranged units forcing engagement. Unfortunately, the AI isn't that good, but it often doesn't matter because of how stacked the maps are against the player. Instead of interesting strategies or moves, it's just very simple things like using archers behind walls to pound down anything and everything the player has.

If you can somehow withstand this, often maps can be won with really stupid strategies like somehow getting a unit behind the enemy, and them not recognizing that their home is being attacked. Another favourite the computer uses on players is having a huge unit charge down towards your units, killing off the ranged ones - then you are likewise dead in the water against the remaining ranged units of the computer.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things going against it. Graphically this offers nothing, and though it might be argued it helps the clarity of the battle, it does not stack up. On some maps, especially changing into a new continent, there are so many new units it's a little frustrating trying to learn them all. Upgrading you home is interesting, but given how absolutely razor-thin margin the battles are, it doesn't offer an opportunity to explore new strategies. The game would be far better served with a fairer battle setup and more interesting AI, rather than the cheap puzzle it constantly feels like.

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There are some cool ideas about upgrading different parts of your army, notably upgrading your main structure provided the most interesting choices, however, A Token War rapidly devolves into very cheap tactics and strategies, often involving baiting the computer that starts with huge edges on each map. A better AI, with more fair maps, would have turn this into a better experience. Overall, it's just too basic to really recommend beyond a quick attempt if desperate for some strategy.


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