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By Nayu 01.09.2021

Review for QV on Nintendo Switch

Set in a universe where different dimensions are easily accessible, Quby must use her powers as the Chosen One; powers that have been handed down for generations, to stabilise dimensional gates so the universe doesn't collapse. Initially alone, she quickly makes a friend who helps guide her through the levels that she cannot complete on her own. A mysterious girl also appears, her physical similarity to Quby is undeniable, her purpose unknown. Such is the premise of Quby developed by Izzle Inc, and published by CFK.

Half of the appeal for QV is how cute Quby is, and how it must be hard mostly journeying on her own. Her chibi appearance with her long red hair tied back with ribbons (that at a glance make it look like she has wings), and neat blue dress, and what looks like a paintbrush as an accessory, but is a vital item - irrefutably sweet looking. The finer details are seen in the illustrations used when she speaks. Somehow being alone with a usual power to save the universe makes the game more compelling to play.

Armed with the paintbrush Quby uses it to create both doors and portals to enter, to help her traverse the many levels, as well as put ink on water rendering it temporarily a walkable surface. Using switches, pushing blocks, requesting the help of the friends she encounters, Quby hurries though each puzzle-filled level to find the answers she needs to save the universe, rescuing three fairies apart from in the easiest level where there are none. Completing levels unlocks new outfits and hair colour combinations that culminate in an extensive wardrobe change that can be used before each level.

Quby cannot do her task alone: in later levels there are switches that need the help of someone else to activate. For a while it is the penguin Barron who is her only companion, and who offers lots of unintentional humour, providing a smile in what is a serious situation. Barron only agrees to accompany Quby because he wants to find his friends. He isn't consistent in his help, but he does provide company for Quby's lonely journey of strengthening dimensional gates, which in turn will help stabilise the dimensional core.

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Despite his grumpy manner he does care for Quby in his own way, and is able to find his friends. After more time alone, Quby comes across a girl who looks almost the same as her, only with different colour schemes. At one point dubbed Dark Quby, the mysterious girl has a prickly personality, which Quby ignores because she wants to be friends, however long they have together. The new girl has all the same abilities as Quby, and her true identity is revealed at the end - and while it is a little predictable it fits the story.

Each area has a particular aesthetic, such as lush countryside, a thriving woodland, a barren desert, etc. There are several levels in each area; all follow the same principle that Quby must make her way through the ruins to acquire a dimensional crystal, which in turn helps stabilise the dimensional core. Quby can use her paintbrush on rectangular monoliths to create doors to pass through to the other side, or, using two of the monoliths, use a portal to travel between them traversing parts of the level. Sometimes blocks have to be pushed through portals to be used on switches necessary to complete the level.

Quby gains an ability to temporarily access a rain cloud to put out a fire which is protected by a golem. Timing is crucial to travel past the golem who activates switches whenever it walks on them, clearing a path for Quby. It is easy enough to restart a level if Quby gets stuck through ill-timed moves or reaches a dead-end due to not performing the puzzle in a certain order. Thankfully, there is a range of difficulties the game can be set at and changed, so if a puzzle proves too tricky lowering the difficulty can make it easier to get through. While the core mechanics of a level are retained throughout the various difficulties, what changes is the complexity of the puzzle, whether extra obstacles are added or not.

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Filled with humour and mystery QV is a fine puzzle addition to Nintendo Switch. Quby's inquisitive nature coupled with her determination to make friends no matter how spikey the personality is makes playing as her a joy. This is accessible for all players no matter their puzzle ability, and there are hours to be spent figuring out how to get Quby to each gate, avoiding environmental traps, as well as enemies who will chase her. This isn't over once the story is completed. There are seventy nine achievements to unlock for completionists, an extra difficult level, and it is easy to want to re-experience levels simply for the fun of being with the charming Quby again. Apart from occasional levels that seemed set at the wrong difficulty for both the difficulty setting and the point in the game, QV is a must-play for all puzzle enthusiasts.


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