Puddle Knights (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 15.09.2021

Review for Puddle Knights on Nintendo Switch

Puzzle games come in all shapes and forms with Lockpickle bringing the unique Puddle Knights to Nintendo Switch. Never before have posh ladies, gentlemen, and priests been able to avoid a speck of dirt on their pristine attire, as they traverse some horrendously treacherous paths by stepping on the subservient knights' cloaks. It will take a lot of trial and error to get the undeserving clients safely to the goal by manoeuvring the knights around obstacles in a specific order through over one hundred levels, some being optional. Here's a look at it.

Puddle Knights has a concept more solid than the ground that the nobles step upon. Well, they don't step in muddy puddles, and other questionable wet substances - the knights do. Using their cloaks made from a variety of materials like fabric and metal that have different functions, the knights plod around, using the few solid pieces of ground as sanctuary for their masters. All characters are movable, with a necessary feature of being able to undo a limitless number of moves so if a knight takes a false step it doesn't have to be game over. Additionally, there is no timer, easing the pressure on solving the puzzle.

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Some cloaks can be teared if other knights step on them at a particular point, but tear too soon in an incorrect place means pressing the undo button is inevitable. Occasionally, the order to position everyone is clear from the start, but completing a level mostly involves a lot of move reversals to understand the best path. Seemingly impossible layouts can be solved by altering the sequence of moves in just one way which then reveals the solution.

The overall camera position is fixed but it is possible to see the puzzle from all sides, which can help the mind figure out the best places to position characters. Not all environments are one level, with bridges and slopes providing extra obstacles to navigate around. Each world has its own jaunty music that manages to avoid being annoying, despite the amount of repeat cycles it goes through, with amusing sound effects from both the environment and the characters themselves, who refuse to move if the path ahead isn't clear. Both within a level and at a stage screen, options are available to change both the music and the sound effects, as well as the ability to check the controls; a useful feature if a lot of time is spent figuring out the correct order of steps and suddenly the mind draws a blank on which button to press.

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Keeping aristocrats' clothes clean is a tough job, but the loyal staff are keen to fulfil their duty. The variety of cloak materials makes it possible for all the one hundred plus levels to all be engaging and feel a challenge. Their exact thoughts about their demanding masters unknown, there is no doubt that Puddle Knights is a novel addition to Nintendo Switch, with plenty to keep minds occupied in seeking safe passage in this puzzler. Understanding the mechanics is simple, but conquering all levels including the harder ones will take a lot of practice.









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