Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 17.11.2021

Review for Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS on Nintendo Switch

To the uninitiated: the Pretty Girls series consists of a small variety of titles (mainly card games), where the goal is to “unveil” the girls or unlock more costumes for them. The anime ladies that can be found within these are basically the visual “dressing,” as well as the reward, making the casual-friendly game underneath it all just a little bit more fun. After the somewhat lukewarm Qix clone called Pretty Girls Panic!, Zoo Corporation comes back with Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS, which is a much better version of it - visually and otherwise.

In Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS, the goal is to unveil a concealed picture of an anime cutie, by moving around a small creature, drawing lines, and closing "sectors." Enemies, or their projectiles, must not touch the line, or else a life is lost. There are a couple of power-ups to aid you, temporarily making you faster, making your line impervious to damage, or letting you stop time for a few seconds. So far, you are looking at Pretty Girls Panic! as there are no major differences between that and the PLUS "edition."

Thankfully this isn't a case of a clone with just a new coat of paint over it, even if the additions aren't really anything major, to be perfectly honest. There are more critters, this time around, with the addition of many who throw fireballs, including a couple of larger, boss-type foes that spew multiple projectiles at once, turning some of the last stages feel almost bullet-esque. Further attempts have been made to diversify the gameplay a bit, with panels that block movement or decrease/increase one's speed, but, as mentioned before, most additions aren't something ground-breaking.

Screenshot for Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS on Nintendo Switch

The good news is that this is technically better, with faster loading times, and much, much cleaner visuals. The assortment of girls is pretty good too, with each one having one additional, and usually sexier version of their default one. On a more personal note, this doesn't have as many lolitas or young girls as before, which in this critic's opinion is a good thing (mature housewives FTW). Of course, as is customary with the "franchise," there's a bit of recycling here as well, with girls from past games making a return.

All in all, this is clearly the better choice amongst the two Qix clones of Zoo Corporation. Once again, those who like things extremely casual-friendly can simply try the easy mode, but this is definitely more enjoyable on the normal setting, were players not only have to play more skilfully, but will also be able to compete in the leaderboards, or attempt to get stars for all stages by not losing lives, in essence extending the gameplay time by a few more hours. So, if a fun of the "genre," give it a go. If you are thinking whether to buy this if you already have Pretty Girls Panic!, however, you can safely pass this by, or at least wait for a discount.

Screenshot for Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS on Nintendo Switch

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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is basically Pretty Girls Panic! v1.5 or Pretty Girls Panic! Remastered. It’s the same exact game, with improved visuals, and better gameplay. Not a big recommendation for those who already have Zoo Corporation’s previous Qix clone, as the changes aren’t that big, but the rest can safely try this out, as it’s actually very good if it’s your cup of sake.


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